Create Idealo product feeds

Established in 2000 and with its headquarters in Berlin, idealo is one of the most popular price comparison websites in Germany. At idealo, about 15 million people compare over 330 million offers from more than 50,000 merchants a month. Through reviews and user opinions the users can inform themselves extensively and consolidate their purchase decision by qualified consultation. Beside Germany idealo offers price comparison in Austria, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and France. Over 700 employees ensure the perfect presentation of the merchants offers and processing over 1.5 billion offer imports per day.

With Channable, you can create a feed for idealo and have your products ready to go in no time. We make sure that all of our specification are up to date so you can deliver high quality data without the extra effort. All you are required to do is to set up your feed and all your future product changes such as stock, price etc. will be automatically adjusted.

Benefits of idealo

  • Millions of ready to buy customers

  • Top conversion rates

  • Simple technical integration

  • Personal support

  • Optimized for mobile devices

  • Attractive ROI

Where are my products displayed on idealo?

Products on idealo are placed in numerous categories which allow clients to find just the products they are looking for. Product titles and price are displayed with additional information available once the product is clicked on. The merchant sites are displayed below allowing customers to purchase from the merchant they find most suitable. Each merchant is rated which also encourages buyers to purchase from your shop.

How do I display my products on idealo?

  1. Create a Channable account Creating an account takes seconds, just sing up with your name and email address.

  2. Import your product feed The Channable platform supports CSV files, Text files and XML files. Just select the type of file you would like to import from the drop-down window. If you have a different type of file, don’t worry, just contact us and we will add it for you.

  3. Add idealo as a feed In order to export your product, first you would have to add idealo as a feed. Don’t worry it’s very easy! To do that just head over to the ‘Feeds’ tab and click ‘add new feed’. Adding idealo as a channel will greatly increase the visibility of your online shop, rapidly boosting your sales.

  4. Setup rules After you have connected to idealo, the next step involves creating rules to optimize your feed for the best results possible. This involves using our IF-THEN statements which we designed to simplify this step.

  5. Finalize The ‘Finalize’ step of the optimization is designed to help you match the product information to the specifications of the export channel. This feature really helps with customizing and creating the best data feed for each application. After you’ve completed all the steps, just press ‘run now’.

  6. Increase your sales!