New Feature: Download Orders as a CSV

May 19, 2021

Save yourself time and download an overview of your orders processed by Channable in a nifty excel file.


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New Feature: Download Orders as a CSV

What’s new?

If you’ve activated Channable’s Order Connections, you’ll already be benefiting from the synchronisation i.e. of order information, stock levels, track and trace status, from a marketplace such as Amazon or straight into the backend of your online store.

The order information that Channable processes can now be downloaded as a CSV file.

Why would I want orders in a CSV?

Whilst an overview within Channable is very nice, many of you requested whether you could easily extract the information for your own information processing.

Having the CSV can be useful for your own documentation, reportage and record keeping.

How do I do it?

There’s a handy “Download as CSV” button in the bottom right corner of the order overview page within Channable. You can set a specific date range for the download, as otherwise the default is the previous month.

 Download Orders as CSV within Channable

More Information?

For a screenshot and some more information about finding the order connection in Channable you can take a look at the help centre article.

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