Channable’s new and improved ad template: Google expanded ads and sitelinks

May 19, 2021

Channable’s new SEA Tool ad template supports automating expanded text ads and sitelinks. The opportunity to communicate more information to users can help increase click-through rates and drive your sales higher.


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Channable’s new and improved ad template: Google expanded ads and sitelinks

Google’s expanded ad template was introduced mid-2018. An expanded Google ad allows advertisers to write three headlines, as opposed to two, and an additional description of 90 characters. The ability to expand ads was warmly welcomed by the marketing commuting and Channable saw to implement the expanded text ads structure immediately. The additional headline and description are optional but give marketers an extra 120 characters to communicate more information.

This option to share more information is great news. Especially if your ad headlines currently only contain vital information and you feel limited for creativity. For example, you currently advertise on the brand name and your own USP but have little room for much else. This third headline gives you the option to add a second USP such as free shipping, a call to action, or temporary information such as seasonal promotional messages. With Channable’s dynamic template, automating expanded text ads and modifying a third headline is simplified. Notably as you can communicate dynamic information such as price or availability without pausing ads.

Sitelinks are also here!

To further improve your ad and click through rate, use sitelinks. They are also available in Channable’s ad templates. Sitelinks appear as additional URLs in a search ad and can provide users with immediate access to e.g. your phone number, your opening hours, special offers. You can have up to six sitelinks, and a minimum of two.

Sitelinks are great as you can edit them without creating new ads or losing performance data of your ads. Sitelinks also help you get a better understanding of your clicks and what information your potential customers want the most.

Improve and automate your Google ads with Channable’s dynamic expanded ad template. Then, watch your ad performance and click through rate boom. For a demo of the SEA tool, just fill out our demo form and a Channable expert will be in contact asap.

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