How can your eCommerce business create personalized PPC ads that improve CTR and ROAS?

May 19, 2021

All successful eCommerce retailers rely heavily on PPC advertising. They attract the right customers by creating hyper-personalized ads that speak to their wants and needs. If your business is to succeed in a saturated market, there are four PPC personalization practices that you need to be doing right now.


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How can your eCommerce business create personalized PPC ads that improve CTR and ROAS?

Four key personalization practices of PPC

Google estimates that purchase intent increases by 15% and CTR is 30% higher with hyper-personalized ad content, compared with ads utilizing basic personalization. There are two main ways to create hyper-personalized ads. The first is to create ads that target specific individuals with specific items:
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This ad is perfect for customers looking for a specific men’s running shoe. Notice the extra sitelinks underneath for hyper-hyper-personalization? Learn more about sitelinks.

The second is to create ads related to current trends and events:
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You need to take advantage of the extra traffic created by big events like the FIFA World Cup or the Superbowl. Customers scramble to buy jerseys, footballs (both kinds), and more!

So, what are these four personalization practices of PPC advertising that you need to be implementing right now?

1. Create both general and specific PPC ads

The most successful eCommerce businesses create generic ads that are ideal for those who are still in the research phase. As well as more specific ads for people who know exactly which items they are looking for. These ads targeting specific individuals with specific items are key for improving CTR.
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In the image above, you can see the layout for creating dynamic PPC ads in Channable.

Applying a streamlined process to personalize your ads will save you both time and money. Leading eCommerce businesses can quickly create both catch-all general ads and refined dynamic ads that utilize data such as gender, brand, and price to be more relevant for potential customers.

Sitelinks EN samen
Adding sitelinks to your ads allows you to personalize further by showing more of your product catalog. They also take up more space, pushing other search results out of sight if you claim the top spots.

2. Take advantage of high search volumes

Taking advantage of high search volumes is going to increase your CTR. You need to plan and create campaigns for popular events that will impact your potential customers’ buying habits. On top of this, you need to be in a position to react quickly to unplanned events which have the same effect on potential customers.

Leading eCommerce businesses quickly adapt and even create entire campaigns to take advantage of the increased search volume. For example, sporting goods retailers set up PPC ads that take advantage of traffic created by sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup, the Superbowl, and the Olympics.

3. Create hyper-relevant ads using 3rd party data

Following on from the awareness created by popular events, leading eCommerce businesses also take advantage of more spontaneous situations. For example, sporting goods retailers create ads advertising the jersey of a specific player almost immediately after they score a match-winning goal or touchdown. This is the epitome of hyper-relevant PPC ads that are bound to have a high CTR.

Another example is that leading eCommerce businesses use weather data to push certain items that will have a temporarily high search volume due to the weather conditions. Have you ever noticed that when it’s forecasted to rain you are far more likely to see items such as wet weather running gear or umbrellas?

All this is not by chance. Using 3rd party data, leading retailers set up ads that react to spontaneous moments in a sporting event or take advantage of weather conditions and it really works to improve CTR.

4. Never display out-of-stock items

With eCommerce being a booming industry, it is difficult to keep on top of out-of-stock items. The only way to overcome this is to retrieve orders in real-time. Whether a customer buys from Amazon, eBay, or Google Shopping, the stock levels of leading retailers are automatically updated, and PPC campaigns are instantly paused when stock levels hit zero.

Start automating feed management and PPC ads

All of the above and more can be achieved through one simple-to-use PPC tool offered by Channable.

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