How automated product feed updates to your eCommerce listings can help drive online sales

October 1, 2021

Next to good data feed hygiene and maintenance, it is important to update your product data on a regular basis. What does that mean exactly, and how does it affect your ads and marketing practices? Channable is here to explain why frequent data updates are important and how an automation tool can make this process smooth and easy.

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How automated product feed updates to your eCommerce listings can help drive online sales

Defining a product feed

The easiest way to explain this is by breaking it down. A product feed is a file where your product information is stored. For example in an XML or CSV. A product feed contains all product information that would be found on your website or online shop.

The reality of managing multiple ads with your product feed

When you start advertising through third parties, such as comparison sites and affiliate networks, you will notice that, compared to what you have on your webshop, they require your product information in various formats. You will need to modify your product feed information to match the requirements. However, if you want to make use of several third parties, this requires multiple, different product feed configurations. This can become overwhelming to manage.

Getting your product feed optimized

Using a data feed management tool like Channable, it is possible to upload your data feed and reproduce it multiple times in different ways. You can modify the product information each time to match the requirements of your chosen platform. Using Channable’s powerful ‘if-then,’ rules you can easily configure your product information to the requirements of each connection.

Giving yourself an edge with extra runs

Channable’s automation tool not only gives you the power to easily configure your product feed, but it also allows you more control over many aspects of your connection.

Extra runs example set-up

One very useful option is extra runs. Extra runs refer to how often your product information is updated to third party platforms. With the increase in online competition due to COVID-19, it is important to keep your product information and stock levels up-to-date on all channels. This not only saves you time on managing all your merchant accounts but can also save you money, with less ad spend wasted on advertising products that are out of stock.

Channable offers extra runs up to 24 times a day so that your product information is always up to date. Some of the benefits of updating your product information are:

  • Product stock is always up to date across multiple channels.
  • Price is advertised correctly with no need to update within each channel’s merchant center.
  • Sale prices can be set or switched with ease.
  • Up-to-date product information means higher quality scores and more visibility for all listings.

How to get started with utilizing extra runs

With Channable, the default number of runs for every account is automatically once per day. However, for many advertisers, the benefits of multiple runs lead them to update their feeds down to every hour.

Request your extra runs and find more information via this help center article or contact our support team with any questions!

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