Extra runs

Fill in the form below to add extra runs up to 24x per day (every hour). Remember to enter the company ID to which you want the extra runs to be added. After submission, the extra runs will be added to your account within 24 hours.

With the continuous growth within eCommerce, it is important to make sure that your product and stock information is up-to-date on all your marketing channels. Not only is it good for maintaining good feed hygiene, but there is also money to save, with less ad-spend wasted on advertising products that are out of stock.

Benefits of extra runs:

  1. Product and stock information will always stay up-to-date across all channels simultaneously.
  2. With up-to-date product information also comes higher quality scores and thereby more overall visibility for all your listings.
  3. Prices can be advertised more correctly with no need to update within each channel's merchant center.
  4. Switching on/off promotions is now much easier and faster.

So, what is the price for the extra runs?

It will mount to an additional cost of 50% of your base subscription. Example: If your base subscription is €199 and you want to add extra runs, then the additional costs will be €99 (50% of €199) and your total costs will rise to €298.

Holiday discount: Sign up during November and pay only for December. Invoice will happen all at once in December, meaning you only have to pay in January.

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