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Channable’s offering for all those affected by the end of Magento’s Google Shopping ads extension

April 24, 2020

Channable is offering all those affected by Magento’s termination of the Google Shopping ads Channel extension a promo code, as well as additional features to maximize ROAS and increase CTR.

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On 28th April 2020, the Google Shopping ads Channel will be disabled and removed from the Magento Marketplace. If you had been using the Google Shopping ads Channel extension, Magento has recommended searching for alternative extensions in the Magento Marketplace that meet your needs, and/or migrating your catalog manually to the Google Merchant Center and Google Ads.

If you’re a Magento retailer who was using the Google Shopping ads Channel, your product data will not be sent to the Google Merchant Center and your Shopping Campaigns will no longer be synced. The ads will continue to run as they were set up, but they will not be updated.

You can easily send your product data to the Google Merchant Center if you have a Google Shopping feed at hand. You may need to create one to fit Google’s requirements, or even optimize it to ensure you’ll be creating high-quality ads.

However, it is highly recommended by Magento to explore alternative extensions to minimize disruption to your Google Shopping campaigns. Channable’s PPC tool is one such alternative that can be set up within a day and gives you supreme control on your Shopping ads.

How can Channable help?

Channable’s PPC tool can be used in a similar way to the Google Shopping ads Channel and even offers additional benefits such as back up templates, keywords generation, sitelinks, and price extensions. Channable can be found in the Magento marketplace and offers a seamless integration thanks to its Magento plugin.

Users can create ad groups per product for Google Shopping campaigns and ads in mass. The Channable PPC tool provides you with the power to advertise at a product level, enabling more control over which products are advertised in Shopping Campaigns, the bid for each product, and negative keywords per item.

Having full control lowers ad spend on products with a low ROAS, improving campaign performance. In addition, any new products added to the product feed will be automatically added to the Google Shopping Campaigns. Channable’s Shopping Campaigns can help you utilize Google Shopping Campaigns to its fullest potential without the need for a dedicated team or an advanced online advertising background.

If you’re a Magento retailer that has been affected by the discontinuation of Google Shopping ads Channel, Channable would like to offer the first month of Shopping ads created by Channable for FREE. Just use the promo code MAGENTOGSC _2020 when you create an account in Channable. This promo code will be valid until 15th June 2020. For more information, please get in contact with a member of our sales team.

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