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Bossdata, winner of ‘Use Case of the Year 2019’: Creating bilingual and location-based Google Ads campaigns for more than 40 brokers

October 25, 2019

‘We couldn’t have done it without Channable’. At the 2019 Channable partner event, Matthias Laquer, co-founder and strategist at Bossdata, shared how they managed to advertise more than 27 thousand real-estate objects, and successfully improved the conversion of their client, ERA Real Estate, with the help of Channable.

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Bossdata, winner of  ‘Use Case of the Year 2019’: Creating bilingual and location-based Google Ads campaigns for more than 40 brokers

Bossdata and the ERA franchise

Bossdata is a Belgium-based agency specialized in creating and implementing digital marketing strategies for its clients. Next to Kwantum and Autotrack, ERA Real Estate is one of its clients.

ERA International is a US-based real estate market franchise organization, which was founded in 1972. Currently, its network spans 2,300 independent offices in 48 countries that are managed on a country level. Since 1995, ERA Belgium has worked to become a top player in the Belgium 'IMMO' (real estate). Overall it currently consists of more than 100 offices, which are independently owned by more than 40 franchises.

The big real-estate project

Because of the vast size of the company and the constantly changing real estate market, helping ERA with its advertising was a fairly big challenge. Matthias explained how they “needed to take more than 40 individual new virtual clients into account. Each having different budgets, ROAS goals, and KPI frameworks in place. Together, they were advertising more than 27,000 dynamic properties on five channels and, because it’s Belgium, it all needed to be bilingual (Dutch & French).”

The details Bossdata had to keep in mind were:

  • Only advertise on (keywords for) locations that brokers are active in

  • Only advertise on property types that brokers have in their portfolio

  • Only advertise on property types for locations that brokers have in their portfolio

  • Follow budgets per broker (40+ different brokers) with different budgets for finding sellers and buyers of real-estate

Bossdata & Channable to the rescue!

ERA provided Bossdata with its inventory feed containing all the data connected to a property, like the address, building type, property URL, etc. “Our approach was: convert the brokers’ current real estate information into locally targeted advertising campaigns that would benefit the individual broker only.”

Doing this all manually isn’t manageable. Due to the fluctuating market, the data is quite dynamic, which means it needs to be updated constantly. It would be a full time job just to update the data every time a house is sold for example. “We couldn’t have done this without Channable”, Matthias said. “Channable gave Bossdata the means to import the information of our, more than 40, clients from the CRM platform Salesforce into the Channable tool and manage them individually. With the Channable SEA tool, we were able to automatically pause ads when a house got sold, manage the budget for each broker, target the locations (latitude/longitude) per campaign, use an inventory feed to create all search intentions, and so on.” With the easy-to-use rules from Channable, Bossdata could, for example, target a certain region to advertise to if a broker has more than 6 houses there. This may seem easy to calculate, but it still takes seven rules to generate the correct number.

Next to that, Bossdata used ad customizers to count the number of offers in a specific city.

We used the dynamic ad templates to fit the specific broker for that location. This way, we made sure the landing pages were 100% relevant to ad copy, and we’d have relevant sitelinks.

To reach people in different stages in the marketing funnel, Bossdata chose to use a variety of channels via Channable:

  • Google Search Ads for people actively looking to buy / sell a location

  • Dynamic Remarketing in Google Doubleclick Studio and Dynamic Remarketing in Facebook Catalogue Ads for passive potential buyers

  • Facebook Lead Ads in combination with remarketing for passive potential sellers

  • real-estate ads for prospecting through partners

And all of this for more than 40 individual brokers, so basically for at least 40 different clients!


  • 324% uplift in conversion rate due to higher relevancy

  • 2,434% more new users due to combined effort in advertising

  • 7,900 goal completions from Google Ads in the first and second quarter of 2019

In addition, we were able to create fully dynamic bilingual remarketing campaigns for Google Doubleclick Studio and Facebook. We were also able to quickly make a custom integration for real-estate ads on both and For the future, Bossdata hopes Channable will have an integration with Facebook Lead Ads, so we can import leads like orders. This was the only thing that we had to do manually.

Bossdata took this year’s Use Case of the Year award home with its brilliant success story on how it helped its client ERA Belgium with advertising in the constantly changing real estate market. Thanks to Channable, Bossdata was able to create bilingual ads for more than 40 brokers in one tool, saving them a lot of time and money.

Ready to automate your ads and campaigns with Channable’s SEA tool? Feel free to create your own free account and contact one of Channable’s sales teams for more information.

Lisa van GinkelMarketing Benelux

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