Why a feed management tool can be a blessing for selling electronics online

May 19, 2021

If you are in the electronics business either selling devices, refurbished electronics or even accessories, you’ll need to be thinking big and sell online. A multi-channel strategy entails different aspects : marketplaces, comparison websites, retargeting, text ads, affiliates, etc. From increasing your online visibility to creating unique paid ads, an all-in-one tool, such as Channable, can really help you in setting up and managing every aspect of your online marketing strategy.

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Why a feed management tool can be a blessing for selling electronics online

Nowadays, people rely more and more on technology. Simultaneously to the rise of technology’s demand, the market for second hand and refurbished electronics is also booming. Buying electronics online has become a regular habit for many consumers. Electronics and appliance specialists have been significantly affected by the rise of internet retailing. It’s become necessary for them to adopt a multi-channel strategy in order to survive this new evolution. Find out how a data feed management tool can help you to master selling online.

Sell electronics with Channable

Stay on top of managing your channels

If you have a large amount of products and if the information on your ecommerce website changes frequently (i.e. new products, price and stock changes), then a data feed management tool is necessary for managing your online projects. This tool will indeed automate the whole management process and help you to keep all your ads and listings updated.

For example, within the electronics industry, price matters. Vendors will know about the price war on certain platforms. If your pricing is dynamic and changes often throughout the day, Channable can offer to run your feed multiple times a day to make sure your price is always updated on every platform you sell your goods on. Another useful trick with a data feed management tool: if your stock runs out, you can create a rule to “pause” your ads on marketplaces or price comparison websites, avoiding useless costly clicks for products with no stock left.

Increase your online visibility

Marketplaces, price comparison websites and search engines are very useful for increasing your online visibility to the widest range of buyers possible. Electronics and their accessories can be rather expensive and consumers like to compare prices before making their choices. In order to reach more customers, it is necessary to have your ads on a range of platforms, but preferably with minimal effort (see above). Channable has connections to over 2500 channels that you can manage from one dashboard.

Channels for electronics

Some platforms where you can sell your electronic items

Instantly create perfect product listings

Using a data feed management tool to display content rich ads for electronic goods is vital for conversion. So, how can you do that?

Within your product feed, it is likely that you don’t have all the specifications of your products in separate fields. If you weren’t already aware, consumers find electronic’s specifications very important. For smartphones, the RAM size (GB) is vital; for a fridge, its the consumption of kW; for a computer, the core speed (GHz), and the list goes on for all electronic appliances or pieces of technology. However, this kind of product information might be in the title or even in the description. With Channable you can easily extract this information and place it in it’s own field to be modified in order to make it match the marketplaces’ requirements. No need to manually copy-paste individual product information into the marketplace’s ad creator as Channable will send products instantly to the marketplace through a feed or a direct connection.

Analyze your performance

Channable also gives you the opportunity to discover which items are your top sellers for each comparison website and search engines that you display your items on. This information can be really insightful and help you choose which items you want to advertise. You can connect Channable to your Analytics and use all the performance information to optimize your sales.

Make sure your strategy covers all the (mega)bits

Up until now, we’ve mainly touched upon how to make the best product ads for marketplaces and price comparison websites. But you shouldn’t forget retargeting in your multi-channel strategy.

Data feed management tools can help you to create feeds for affiliate platforms and, ultimately, save bundles of time. Imagine a potential customer visits your website and buys a new camera. With the help of affiliate platforms or display networks you could target this visitor again with ads about matching lenses or SD cards. Whenever they visit a photography blog or are browsing their social media pages, they would see your ad. This kind of paid marketing is much more efficient as it reaches people already interested in your items.

Make the most relevant Paid Ads yet

A data feed management tool will help you to organize and structure your AdWords and Bing Campaigns, both text ads as well as Shopping Campaigns. What is actually very special in Channable is that you have the ability to create dynamic text ads, based on the product information in your feed. Enabling you to advertise on long tail keywords without the manual hassle.

A data feed management tool is all you need...

A tool like Channable will facilitate any electronics seller’s digital marketing. Channable will enable you to automate all the processes and create perfect, optimized ads for your online marketing strategy, which includes price comparison, marketplaces, affiliates and AdWords. Get in contact for more information by emailing us at, or sign up for an unlimited free trial to test it out for yourself.

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