Optimize your keyword strategy with final URLs and DKI

January 4, 2023

Now you can manage your final URLs at keyword-level directly in Channable. Together with the Dynamic Keyword Insertion, Channable offers a powerful all-in-one solution to automate your keyword strategy and increase the efficiency and relevance of your ads.


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Optimize your keyword strategy with final URLs and DKI

Whether you're new to the PPC business or a cyber veteran, chances are high you've experienced harsh competition on Google. To win the SERP-Game, you constantly need to be on the ball and regularly optimize and improve your ads. That’s why automation is a marketer’s best friend, and where we come in!

Why should I set up a final URL at the keyword level?

The answer to that question is pretty straightforward: you want to answer the user's search query as concisely as possible. Why? Well, here's some breaking news: Google is smart. It rates the user experience your ads provide and lists your ads accordingly on the Search Engine Results Pages (also known as “SERPs” or “SERP”). This rating - called the quality score - makes or breaks whether you're successfully selling online… or not. Google mainly considers three points:

  • CTR: How likely is someone to click your ad when Google shows your ad for the keyword they search for?
  • Ad Relevance: Is the ad relevant for the keywords you've set up?
  • Landing Page Experience: Is the landing page relevant and corresponds to your ad, or does the user need to conduct another Google search to get the desired result?

The magic word for efficient ads is relevance. Google likes relevance, and if Google likes you, the business probably likes you as well.

Let's set the scene

Let's assume your shop is selling all kinds of shoes, including Nike sneakers. You just came up with the juiciest ad text ever written in PPC land. It's bulletproof - everyone will click on this ad! But what if the enthusiastic buyer clicks on it and lands on a page with Puma sneakers. That’s right, they'll probably return to Google (Bounce Rate!) and conduct another search. Not to worry; we could also fix this on the AdGroup level.

Let's take this example one step further. Imagine your user is searching for 'Nike Air Max 90 black size 42'. If you set up your keywords on the AdGroup level, the user probably gets directed to a collection page of all your Nike shoes. But how relevant would your ads be if the user searching for 'Nike Air Max 90 black size 42' clicks on your ad and gets directed to the landing page with his desired model in the correct size? Correct, it doesn't get more relevant than this!

So why should you set up a final URL at the keyword level? To direct users to a relevant post-click landing page highly related to the specific keyword they were searching for.

How do I optimize my keyword strategy with a final URL at the keyword level with Channable?

Set up different product-specific landing pages for each of your relevant keyword phrases. With Channable, you can add the final URLs the same way you set up dynamic keywords:
URLatKW level EN
Each time a customer searches for the keywords defined in the keyword section in the PPC tool and clicks on the ad, they will be redirected to the relevant keyword URL, which will overwrite the final URL specified in the ad template.

What makes defining the final URL on a keyword level and Dynamic Keyword Insertion a winning team?

Besides defining final URLs for different keywords, you can set up Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) with Channable. Both features make a great team when it comes to winning the SERP-Game. DKI allows your ad to appear differently depending on what the user is searching for. When a user's search query appears in the ad, it also becomes bolded. That will make your ad stand out more and generally lead to higher click-through rates. Therefore, DKI can make your ads highly relevant to the user's search query and increase your ad's effectiveness.

Dynamic Channable fields and Dynamic Keyword Insertion
The basic principle of Channable's automation is dynamic fields. This means you use a placeholder like 'color' or 'brand' instead of typing 'blue' or 'nike', allowing you to create multiple ads with only one setup, as easy as that.

The Dynamic Keyword Insertion is an advanced Google Ads feature that uses dynamic fields to update your ad text with the user's search terms. When a user searches for one of your keywords, Google Ads automatically inserts the keyword that triggered your ad, highly relevant to the user.

What are the benefits of defining the final URL at the keyword level and using DKI with Channable?

Manage everything in one tool

We all know that digitalization is quick but also dirty. The downside is that there are countless supposedly helpful tools out there, many for just one task. With our all-in-one tool, you save labor, time, and manual effort. Set up all your ads directly within one tool. Setting up the final URL and DKI directly in the Channable PPC tool means you don't have to additionally resort to the Google Ads Editor.

Manage millions of SKUs with just a few clicks

Suppose you are managing a portfolio of thousands or even millions of products. In that case, you want to set up multiple keywords in the same ad group as it is useful or even necessary to have separate URLs per keyword. Channables dynamic fields allow you to define an unlimited number of final URLs with just a few clicks.

Highly relevant Ads

Customizing your Google Ads' final URLs is a crucial component to optimizing the Ad Relevance and landing page performance. Besides that, DKI enables you to customize your ads depending on what the user is searching for. Applying those two features cleverly allows you to create highly relevant ads, which are more likely to beat your competitors in the SERP-Game.

Higher ROI

Highly relevant ads result in less money spent on irrelevant clicks. If your ads are dynamically fitted to the search query, Google only shows the ads when relevant. In addition, a landing page that exactly matches the search query results in a lower churn and a better landing page experience as clicks are more likely to complete the goal of your landing page.

Are you ready to bring your ads to the next level? Take a deep dive into all the powerful functionalities of the Channable PPC tool in a free and personalized online demo. No strings attached!

Already using our PPC tool? Good news! These features are available within the PPC tool without any extra charge. What are you waiting for?

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