Channable’s solution to Google’s decision to drop BigCommerce, Magento and Prestashop API connection

May 19, 2021

BigCommerce, Magento and Prestashop users were left feeling a little unwanted by Google since its latest announcement to remove its API connection to Google Merchant Centre. But this should not deter you, Channable supports both a feed and an API connection to Google Shopping, as well as connections to over 1000 more channels worldwide.


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Channable’s solution to Google’s decision to drop BigCommerce, Magento and Prestashop API connection

Google Shopping merchants received an announcement late January that Google will no longer support integrations with BigCommerce, Magento or Prestashop vendors from 20th March 2018 onwards. Google Merchants received an email from Sales & Orders stating that the decision was made: “in order to better focus on solutions that will make the Shopping ads onboarding a more seamless experience. We’re continuing to work with e-commerce platforms to explore more frictionless integration opportunities.”

However, this does not mean the end for Google selling for webshop owners. The use of third parties to generate feeds and build API connections for Google Shopping remains supported.

Channable supports Google feeds and API

Channable has long supported feed generation and is continuously improving an API connection with Google Shopping. So rest assured, you can continue to sell on Google Shopping, as well as over 1000 more channels, and enjoy many more of Channable’s other features such as order connections and SEA tool for dynamic text ads and shopping campaigns.

With Channable you can optimize your product information to increase your discoverability on Google Shopping with our unique rules. So you can make sure that your titles and image links are optimized, before you appear on Google Shopping.

Channable wants to help everybody that has been affected by Google’s decision. We’ve created a special promo code* to ensure that you remain on Google Shopping as fast as possible. We will set up your Google Shopping feed free of charge when you use the promotional code: GOOGLE_PROMO2018. Hurry, this code expires 1st April 2018 - and no, this is not an April’s fools joke. After you create an account , enter the code at the set up and one of us will be in contact asap to discuss the finer details. Make sure to take a look at your new feed and experiment with our rules to make your products shine!

Prestashop and Magento Channable Plug-Ins

If you have a Prestashop or Magento shop you can directly import your data feed into Channable with a plug-in. The plug-in incurs no additional costs and you can make use of any of our monthly subscriptions starting at 19 euros a month. It’s possible to import products into Channable if you use BigCommerce with an XML import. Once your import is complete, create a Google Shopping connection with just a few clicks. Channable's API connection is continuously being developed to ensure that a more seamless integration is offered.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our tool, how our connections work or to have a good old rant about Google’s decision

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