Reformat the numbers in your feed

May 19, 2021

Change the format, layout, and decimal separators of your numerical data with Channable.


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Reformat the numbers in your feed

Adapting the numerical data in your product feed to the specifications of all your chosen online marketing channels can be a challenge. Prices, discounts, promotions, taxes, and fees come in different formats with a variety of different decimal separators. Imagine having to modify all figures to comply with Google Shopping, Criteo, and Amazon’s required format because yours is different.

How you could do it before?

Channable has always been able to help you modify your numerical information. You could create a set of rules to ensure the modifications would be applied. Combing rules such as ‘round number’ and any ‘calculate’ rule can help improve your information in your data feed. Unfortunately, it was not guaranteed that numbers in your data feed with irregular decimal separators would be successfully modified.

Channable’s awesome new rule

As the Channable team is made up of perfectionists, it was important to make this experience as efficient as possible. Therefore, what you could previously do in 4 clicks now only takes one. This revolutionary reformat number rule allows you to switch your decimal separator to the format you desire. Here’s how it looks in the tool:

Format number rule in Channable

Note: It is important that this rule is always the last numerical rule that you apply. For instance, if you’re wanting to modify the process with a discount percentage then it is most convenient to use the reformat number rule later.

Channable’s rules allow you to make powerful modifications to your data. There is a long list of rules that you can apply to help you to easily improve the data in your product data feed. Modifying descriptions, optimizing titles, and filtering out products with low stock levels are just some examples of the options available. Interested? Feel free to contact the technical support team, who will be happy to advise you on which rules can help you to optimize your feed.

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