Amazon Prime Day - What to expect and how to profit from it

May 19, 2021

Amazon Prime Day started in 2015 has become key for eCommerce. With more than 175 million products sold in 2019, this year is expected to continue breaking records. Selling online has become much more important because of COVID-19. If you have not participated in previous editions, you definitely should this year. In this article, we explain why you should not miss out on Amazon Prime Day 2020.


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Amazon Prime Day - What to expect and how to profit from it

If you have an online shop, there are more and more events that you have to mark as important on the calendar. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, summer sales, and for the last few years, Amazon Prime Day. In 2015, Amazon wanted to innovate the sales seasons by offering great deals that were only available for 30 hours. This way the marketplace not only joined the “sales bandwagon” but made Amazon Prime Day a highly anticipated date for their loyal Amazon Prime customers.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an annual event that is celebrated in 18 countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and China. For approximately 30 hours, people can buy all kinds of products at very low prices.

In order to enjoy Amazon Prime Day, you must be an Amazon Prime customer. The offers are changed and renewed throughout Amazon Prime Day, so customers have to complete purchases quickly for their desired products. It is estimated that in 2019 approximately 40% of the products came from small/medium businesses that use Amazon as one of their online sales platforms.

It is possible to find discounts on all kinds of products, although the biggest offers are found on Amazon-brand products, especially those related to the electronics sector. In 2019 the best sellers were Echo Dots, Fire TV Sticks, and Kindles.

Historically, it has always been celebrated during the month of July. However, this year due to the uncertainty experienced by COVID-19, the date has been postponed several times. With the huge increase in orders that Amazon received during the first half of the year, it was impossible to stage an event as popular as Amazon Prime Day. In the absence of official confirmation, everything indicates that it will be held in October, but we are still waiting for a final date.

Why should you participate in Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day 2019 was a resounding success, becoming the largest event in Amazon's history; even surpassing Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2018. In 2019 more than 1 million offers were available worldwide.

While Amazon never discloses the revenue generated by Amazon Prime Day, there is that suggests its great growth year on year. For example, it’s predicted that over 100 million products were sold in 2018. However, in 2019 the number of products sold is said to have almost doubled reaching 175 million.

This large number of purchases implies a large number of returns. According to Adobe Digital Insights, 30% more products were returned in 2018 than during Amazon Prime Day 2017. This means that sellers must have an incredible logistic service to be able to handle this event with the required guarantees.

How can you sell your products on Amazon Prime Day?

First and foremost, if you still don't have your catalog integrated into Amazon, you definitely should in preparation for Amazon Prime Day and in general. In the following video, we explain the 6 steps you should follow to create a quality listing for Amazon in a quick and easy way.

Once your listing is integrated into Amazon, you need to improve the visibility of your products to make sure you stand out from the competition. Competition is fierce, especially on a day as important as Amazon Prime.

Here are some of our best tips that can help your business succeed on Prime Day:

  • Create attractive titles for your products including keywords and relevant attributes such as brand, color, material, and size.
  • Use Amazon Pay Per Click to give your products a jump-start.
  • Reduce shipping times, response times, and the number of faulty orders to reach the Buy Box.
  • Improve your verified reviews on Amazon.

Check out our other blog in which we offer you more tips you should implement to help you to advertise your products successfully on Amazon. With Channable's feed manager, it’s simple to configure your Amazon listing. You can also manage all your Amazon orders directly from your eCommerce platform, and even configure the listing for other marketplaces. If you have any further questions, our dedicated team is more than happy to help.

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