What is the most efficient way to increase my clients’ ad relevance and ROAS?

October 21, 2021

When your client portfolio is expanding, maintaining the overview of your customers’ PPC campaigns and their performance is a real challenge. Recognizable? Many performance marketing managers see themselves confronted with the need to step up their PPC automation game. This article offers you a solution to create more relevant and better-performing ads.


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What is the most efficient way to increase my clients’ ad relevance and ROAS?

It’s a great sign: more and more brands trust your agency with their PPC strategy. But the growing success also comes with growing responsibilities and expectations. All of your clients want to receive the attention and care they require to earn a high ROAS and ROI from their campaigns.

This success and your day-to-day work are heavily impacted by the tools and practices you use to manage the PPC efforts of your customers. How can a PPC tool streamline your (multiple) clients’ search campaigns and drive better results?

You already own the most relevant campaign content

Creating hyper-relevant ads can often seem like an impossible task. Especially when you manage multiple accounts with large product catalogs at the same time.
A tool for PPC automation enables you to create search and text ads as well as long-tail-keywords based on the information that is already present in your client’s product data feed.

Your PPC tool’s built-in ad copy generator will open the door to a whole new way of setting up campaigns. By combining static data with dynamic data from your clients’ product feed you can make their product ads more relevant than ever. You can react to current events, personalize your ad copy for a specific target audience, or take advantage of high search volumes by modifying your ad copy systematically.

In just a few clicks, we could create a campaign, a bespoke ad group structure that really worked for each individual client, preview all the ad copy, and then with just one click push the ads to Google Ads.

Scott Beveridge, co-founder of ClickBoost.

The right long-tail-keywords are essential for the success of your PPC campaigns. You can find these best in product variants and specifications like size, model, pattern, color, gender, etc. All these specifications are in your clients’ product data feed, ready to be used. A PPC automation tool takes this information and generates thousands of highly relevant long-tail-keywords for your campaigns.

We have several clients across different countries and it makes it a lot easier for me to manage all of my campaigns in the same structure.

Job Hilbers, Senior SEA Consultant at ARTEFACT

Optimize your ads with powerful rules

Using dynamic values from your client’s product feed, such as sales price, stock information or shipping cost etc., means that these values - and therefore your ads - will change frequently. Still, it’s easy for you to take full control over these changes and enjoy the real-time updates.

Your PPC tool’s rules-system is there to optimize your ads automatically and, for example, pause them as soon as an item is no longer available, or the most popular sizes are sold out. No more wasted ad spent for items that won’t sell. With if-then-rules, you can also ensure that certain text is being either included or excluded from the ad copy.

We have been able to focus on optimizing our clients’ accounts, which has led to an improvement of ROAS and an increase in revenue as well.

Sjoerd Lops, Senior Display Consultant at ARTEFACT

Above all, we have gained efficiency and can invest more resources in strategic and tactical considerations and measures instead of in manual work, which ultimately also benefits the clients.

René Linder, CIO at ads&figures

Channable’s PPC tool can help you with all of the above. If you want to learn more about how our partner agencies implement it into their day-to-day operations, set the topic filter in our success stories to “Agency”.

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