Advertise Job Vacancies Online with a Feed Management Tool

May 19, 2021

Data feed management is often thought to be for companies with large product inventories selling on marketplaces and advertising on comparison websites. However, truthfully all you need to benefit from the features of a data feed optimization tool is...a data feed! Job vacancies are one such example that have become managed and cataloged in a data feed. Meaning that the job sector can also advertise and benefit from the wonders of data feed management, but let us explain how…

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Advertise Job Vacancies Online with a Feed Management Tool

An insight into today’s job industry

The job industry is a dynamic and fast paced market with vast numbers of job vacancies opening and closing daily. Job agencies are also faced with the huge task of managing job ads for multiple markets, cities and even countries. The magnitude of online job vacancy data feeds has led to an increase of issues.

Issues such as: displaying and paying for job ads that have already been fulfilled, not reaching the correct candidates, not meeting the specifications of a selected job board or other platform and finding that individually uploading, modifying and pausing ads is (inevitably) time consuming and expensive.

Display advertisements, text ads and job boards, are just a few channels and methods of how jobs vacancies can be spread. However, they in turn are coupled with their own issues. If you want to reach the maximum number of people in your market, you’ll want your ads to be visible on as many outlets as possible.

Creating new job ads every time a vacancy is opened is an ordeal in itself. But the moment those vacancies are filled, it is necessary to go through and pause or update every single ad on every single platform. Luckily, some of these platforms allow you to upload your feed, happy days! Unfortunately, the necessary information is different for every job board, so lots of time is spent filling it in manually. Furthermore, remember those text ads you wanted to create on job level…good news, there is a way to simplify the process.

Introducing: Feed management possibilities for advertising jobs

Data feed management tools like Channable can provide both employers and job agencies with the means to ease the process of:

  • Ensuring that job vacancies are posted at the appropriate time to the right audience

  • Automatically pause job adverts that have already been fulfilled

  • Save time, money and resources by using only one dashboard to advertise job openings everywhere online

By using Channable as a middle man between your data feed and the places for displaying job openings, stakeholders of the job industry can relax. The information can be smoothly managed during the day, minimizing the need to manipulate it manually out of office hours.

But don’t take it from a blog post, Blue Mango Interactive is a marketing agency for Randstad, one of the world’s leading HR service providers, and also a happy Channable client:

"With more than 4,000 vacancies in 26 different industries in 2,402 cities continuously throughout The Netherlands, Randstad is one of the biggest job boards in The Netherlands. Thanks to Channable's ad generators, we can create, activate and pause all these Randstad vacancies automatically and in real time with very specific and dynamic keywords, ad copy and landing pages."

Gemma van Dorst - Search Specialist at Blue Mango Interactive

Using Channable to help post your job ads

So how can Channable help you? First and foremost, it provides you with the means to optimize and fulfill your data feeds according to the specifications of over a thousand channels, including Google and Facebook. These platforms attract many applicants and offer versatile recruitment opportunities. Many agencies also turn to third parties like job boards to list their vacancies. But displaying on multiple channels is also beneficial for re-marketing strategies, as you can control what information gets shared on which platform.

Custom CSV files can be created in Channable too. This is a true time saver if you want to organize and segregate your data feeds into i.e. market specifications. Extracting all jobs of a certain criteria from your master feed and placing them into one custom CSV enables you to create specific rules for only that criteria without having to import a second master feed. Perhaps you want to separate student jobs from executive jobs, and place them on different channels to reach the right target audience - this can all be easily arranged with a Channable custom CSV!

How to advertise job vacancies with dynamic text ads in Channable

Creating text ads at the individual job level can be a real nuisance. Merely setting up the ad is time consuming but the process is further extended when monitoring the ads to ensure they’re up-to-date and relevant. Their continuous adjustments make it further time consuming and costly, which is why our tool can be a blessing. By partnering Channable and your data feed, you can automatically generate dynamically templated campaigns, AdGroups, text ads and keywords that will then be automatically paused when fulfilled. This is because the information will already be in your data feed.

You’re in control and can decide which fields from your feed you’d like to use. Do you want a campaign on city level and ad groups on vacancy level? Or do you want campaigns on industry level and ad groups on city level? Make your life easier and give it a try. Use one template for hundreds of ads! See our example below of how you can create potentially hundreds of unique ads depending on the industry, region and number of vacancies; your data feed will fill in the blanks.

Ads are automatically paused within our tool based on the smart rules you set up. Set up the right templates for the right campaigns and let the Channable text ads feature do the work. You specify when to pause ads; for example, if a vacancy is fulfilled or when there are less than 5 vacancies in a city or branch, because you can even create branch specific ads. Channable has the potential to specify your AdWords ads to your taste.

Channable offers this feature for Google Ads and will also soon launch this feature for Bing Ads, which is perfect if you serve markets and target audiences where Bing is favoured. Channable’s got your back.

Channable works hard to streamline everyone's online experience, not just the obvious contenders. Data feed management can help the job industry with its core business. We invite you to try it for yourself with our free trial and discover how else Channable can improve your online job vacancies.

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