Product Updates Q2, 2022

October 19, 2022

Get a more detailed look into this quarter's highlights by Robert and Jochem.

Feature of the quarter

- Smart Categorization

Users pointed out that categorizing products for a channel or marketplace is one of the tidiest and most time-consuming steps of the setup, especially if you deal with a large amount of items.

This is why we developed a solution based on AI, which takes the work right out of your hands. Our trained algorithm achieves an accuracy of up to 97% and saves you around 80% of setup time. This will allow you to bring your products to market faster and truly scale your online sales. Smart Categorization will be available for the standard and professional plan.
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PPC Updates

- Ad Customizer for Responsive Search Ads

We have updated our Responsive Search Ads template with so called ad-customizers. Ad customizers allow you to insert and update real-time information such as stock, price or any other value on scale. Instead of creating a new ad, only the information in customizers get updated, saving performance histories and creating highly relevant ads for your customer's searches.
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- Manually pause Keywords

You are now able to indicate in the tool if you would like to manually pause dynamically generated Keywords in Google Ads, which have been pushed from your Channable generator.
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Marketplace Updates

- Repricer Update

We have improved the following to help you better understand the repricer's performance and behavior:

  • We show now the event history per item
  • We now offer two new filters in our statistics: Products that lost the buy box within the last 7 days, and products that won the buy box within the last 7 days
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- Stock Update View for AliExpress API

For the Marketplace AliExpress, we added a stock update view similar to Amazon, Zalando or Mirakl. In this view, you can see which updates were sent, superseded, have an error or are still pending.

- New Marketplaces

We have added three new marketplaces:

  • Zalando the leading marketplace for fashion and lifestyle
  • Otto, a household name for electronics, furniture and lifestyle products
  • Mediamarkt, one of the biggest electronic chains in Europe

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