Data Feed Technology based on Artificial Intelligence

Categorize millions of products instantly and accurately across several channels

Bring your products to market in no time

Product categorization when done manually or in a rule-based way can take an incredible amount of time and resources, dragging down the setup time and speed-to-market of your products, which means you’ll either waste time doing manual work or lose competitive advantage – or both!


Leveraging the power of machine learning

Smart Categorization provides a powerful, algorithmic solution to take your feed management to the next level. Instantly categorize millions of products for Google Shopping, Facebook, Ebay and many more channels.

Smart categorization demo (3).png

Scale online salesand go to market faster by instantly categorizing millions of products
High accuracy of up to 97%through our machine learning capabilities, which is trained on millions of category points across different industries and assortments
Heavily reduced setup timeby up to 80% for channels and marketplaces
More flexibilityby using smart categorization for your preferred channels and products
Real-time categorization for any new products that enter your feed

Save your team valuable time!

By leveraging Smart Categorization for your online marketing

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