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Traffic Builders: Use Case of the Year 2020 increased leads by 500% with automation

May 18, 2021

In 2018,, a digital marketplace for used cars, approached Traffic Builders with an ambitious goal - to conquer Europe. wanted to implement a scalable full-funnel digital omnichannel strategy to expand from 1 to 22 countries within a year, using PPC, social, and display ads.

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Traffic Builders: Use Case of the Year 2020 increased leads by 500% with automation

Key Learnings

  • Strategic collaboration: Traffic Builders' partnership with demonstrates the power of collaboration in achieving business goals.

  • REAN model: Aligning marketing activities with the customer journey stages (Reach, Engage, Activate, Nurture) leads to targeted strategies and effective channel utilization.

  • Automation and optimization: Channable's automation features reduced costs and increased leads by enabling dynamic and personalized ads.

  • Hyper-personalization: Customized campaigns in 22 countries showed the importance of catering to specific audience needs.

  • Continuous innovation: Embracing new tools and technologies is essential for staying ahead in digital marketing.

Implementing these learnings can drive efficiency, cost savings, and business growth.

Watch the video to see the challenges Traffic Builders had, their approach, the set-up in Channable, and the impressive results!

Traffic Builders' REAN model and the set-up in Channable

To align all marketing activities with each stage of the customer journey, Traffic Builders utilized their REAN model - Reach, Engage, Activate, and Nurture.

This framework allowed them to identify the most effective strategies and channels to be utilized for To execute their digital marketing campaigns, Traffic Builders relied on Channable, a powerful tool for automation and optimization.

PPC - Dynamic and Efficient Advertising

For PPC campaigns, Traffic Builders created a master project in Channable, optimizing it with master rules. By incorporating dynamic text ads and applying dynamic fields in the ad templates, they generated campaigns and ads quickly.

Leveraging this approach, Traffic Builders was able to replicate the process for all countries, ensuring efficient and consistent PPC campaigns across the board.

Social - Dynamic Prospecting and Retargeting

The set-up for social advertising was slightly different. Traffic Builders imported each product feed from every country into the Social Advertising project.

They then built master rules and linked them to each export feed. This enabled them to implement dynamic prospecting and retargeting strategies through Facebook, maximizing the effectiveness of their social media campaigns.

Display - Hyper-Personalized Ads in 22 Countries

Display advertising presented a unique challenge, especially in the automotive industry. Traffic Builders tackled this by converting's master feed into country-specific personalized ads that remained consistent and easily optimized.

Using Channable, they imported the feeds and applied master rules, generating feeds for Google Ads dynamic display and DoubleClick. By linking Channable feeds to different creatives and profiles in DoubleClick, Traffic Builders achieved hyper-personalized display ads in all 22 countries.

Impressive Results with Channable

The implementation of Channable by Traffic Builders led to remarkable results for

  1. Reduced costs and saved resources: Automation allowed Traffic Builders to accomplish the same work with fewer people, resulting in cost and resource savings.

  2. Increased leads by 500%: Within just one year, Traffic Builders managed to boost's leads by a staggering 500%.
    This significant improvement was a testament to the effectiveness of their dynamic and personalized ad campaigns across PPC, social, and display channels.

Dennis Reus, Digital Strategy Consultant at Traffic Builders, emphasized the importance of hyper-personalization for the future of marketing.

He praised Channable as the tool that enabled them to achieve this level of customization and recommended it to other marketing agencies. If you're looking to achieve your digital marketing goals, consider creating your own free account with Channable or reach out to them for more information.

Start leveraging automation and optimization with Channable today, just like Traffic Builders did, and see the transformative power it can have on your digital marketing campaigns.

Conquering Europe with and Traffic Builders

Traffic Builders is a full-funnel digital marketing agency based in Almere, their mission is to help their clients reach the right audience at the perfect time and with the right message throughout the entire digital customer journey.

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