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Tomorrowmen - Feed optimization with Channable

November 17, 2017

Many web shops see a huge disadvantage with product feed optimizing. “This is mainly because the image of data feed management is associated with technical skills and computer knowledge, however most of these clients have not had the chance to experience a tool like Channable. Nevertheless, the two keywords associated with this platform are flexibility and convenience. Flexibility, due to the fact that you do not need technical knowledge to optimize your feeds and convenience because the platform is very user friendly. Often we create test accounts for clients with Channable because, we belief that the best way to show them the value is by having them use the platform” says Niels Werdekker, New Business Consultant at Tomorrowmen Digital Marketing.

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Tomorrowmen - Feed optimization with Channable

Furthermore, Channable has the great habit of setting up the first export channel, regardless if it’s a comparison site, affiliate or a marketplace, so clients can directly experience the convenience. “What often starts with a single platform, it turns into many more after Channable is introduced.” This is not bad, of course, the clients have nothing to worry about. After the installation is complete and the channel is live, we take over the campaigns and optimization. Often, the communication is mainly between Channable and Tomorrowmen, therefore the clients do not have much to worry about.

Ultimately, it comes to growth in conversions, which have on average increased by 485%.


Tomorrowmen helps companies realize their digital ambitions. They are not tied to a single channel or solution, but choose the right platforms, depending on the needs of their customers. The main objective for Tomorrowmen is to achieve optimal results for the customers, "do we need to optimize feeds", says Niels. "We chose Channable because they make something so technical into an understandable product, which anyone can handle". Channable ensures that products from one or more source feeds are offered on various comparison sites, affiliates and marketplaces. The tool is very simple: the product is loaded via a data feed or API plug-in, and then optimized using rules so that the feed complies with all the specifications of the desired platform. "Most tools do work but do not deliver optimal results: they are difficult to work with or incomplete, leaving you to work with a difficult workaround. The usability of the Channable platform from day one was great, but because it was a young product, it was not yet complete. However, any demands for additions were realized quickly." Tomorrowmen works closely with Channable on feed optimization. Currently, there are twelve active customers with about 35 channels in the tool.

Our goal is for everyone to eventually work with Channable, due to the fact that the tool offers more opportunities both for the customer and Tomorrowmen.

Optimizing is necessary

"We often see that customers want to use a feed for Google Shopping that cannot really be optimized in the feed itself." Often this has several reasons: "A web designer should be hired which incurs extra costs but without any knowledge what this investment will yield. Or the one who makes the feed is an internal web builder that has to make adjustments between the various companies, this is time consuming and people do not want to constantly disturb someone busy." Also Niels often mentions that if customers themselves will adjust the feed these changes often take a long time and are mostly all unique of each other. “This only applies to the feed for Google Shopping. Websites other than Google Shopping are often not used because the adjustment of the feed requires way too much work. Especially when there are different requirements for different platforms. The optimizations always keep going, even when campaigns run towards reaching a goal, we must continue to grow and that is only possible by being able to make constant adjustments."

Growth in conversion

One of the advantages of Channable is that you always have the possibility to add new channels. If a customer finds a site that is not yet present in the tool, whether it is a Dutch or foreign channel; no problem. Although, it still might be difficult for the client to determine what platform they want to add their products to, especially for younger web shops who do not know what the possibilities are. Here is where Niels sees a significant improvement for Channable "It would be nice if Channable would advise you about the possibilities for your specific web shop. Channable has a lot of insight knowledge into the options available for every business sector and can perhaps write a suggestion about the best possibilities" However, the feedback from customers has been very positive: "First of all because there are better results achieved and effective campaigns set up, but also because the flexibility is greatly increased. Besides faster connection to other channels, we can now easily optimize data feeds. For the fashion industry we see that we can relatively quick increase visibility within Google Shopping by editing titles and descriptions so that the products are found easier; short tail and long tail. The increase in the number of impressions varies between 210 and 752%. Therefore, logically increases the number of clicks between 309 and 874%. The rates are structurally higher here because we can drive more relevant terms to the search query, thus increasing the CTR. Ultimately, it is the growth in conversions which has increased on average by 485%. At a lower CPA (-233%) and better ROAS + 185%."

Stay ahead of the curve

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