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How New York Pizza Saved 55% of Their Time through Automated Local Store Marketing with Channable. "Best Use Case of the year 2023"

August 1, 2023

Explore how New York Pizza, in partnership with Netprofiler, supercharged their local store marketing efforts. Leveraging the power of Channable, they effectively automated their ad campaigns across 250+ outlets, saving 55% time and boosting revenue by 16%.


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How New York Pizza Saved 55% of Their Time through Automated Local Store Marketing with Channable. "Best Use Case of the year 2023"

New York Pizza, a well known pizza chain with a strong local presence in over 250 locations in the Netherlands, has always been ambitious about their online sales strategy.

Their goal: to effectively market each local outlet online, ensuring they reach their customers in the most efficient and personalized manner. To do this, they needed a local marketing plan to streamline their online advertising and manage their campaigns effectively.

New York Pizza

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The Struggle with Campaign Performance and Time Management

New York Pizza's online advertising was a labor-intensive process.

"We were manually managing ads for each of our outlets," recalls Linda, the Digital Marketing Manager at New York Pizza, "It was time-consuming and difficult to maintain consistency." Budgets were adjusted manually throughout the month as some channels underperformed and others needed more funds.

The struggle was real. Campaigns were not achieving their full potential, they were unable to effectively localize their advertising, and the time spent on campaign management was simply unsustainable. This hindered experimentation and growth.

New York Pizza's Need for Automation

Faced with these challenges, New York Pizza was eager for change. "We recognized that while some automation was in place, there was still a significant amount of manual work involved," Linda states. "Our goal was to shift our focus from the labor-intensive tasks of ad management to the results and quality of our advertising strategy."

At this point, Netprofiler had been providing their expert services to New York Pizza, but a new approach was needed. That's when the collaboration between Netprofiler and Channable really began to shape the future.

Reaching Every Pizza Lover in the Netherlands

With a mission to reach every pizza lover in the Netherlands, Netprofiler crafted a unique Local Store Marketing (LSM) strategy for New York Pizza.

This meant creating highly targeted campaigns for each of New York Pizza's 250+ outlets, focusing specifically on their postal code areas and a radius around each location to cover all local search. This ensured that virtually the entire Netherlands was covered with personalized advertisements.


Empowering Franchisees: Tailoring Campaigns to Individual Needs

One of the main challenges in this strategy was accommodating the franchisees' ability to choose which campaigns they wished to join. These campaigns had specific durations, such as 10- or 30-day promotions (e.g., buy-one-get-one-free, discounted pizzas for pickup, or tiered discounts), and franchisees could even add extra budget to their chosen campaigns. Each campaign required its unique ad copy and images.

The solution implemented by Netprofiler empowered franchisees to input their campaign choices and assign additional budgets.

Automated and Personalized: Generating Unique Campaigns in Channable

Harnessing Channable's feed management, Netprofiler integrated data from various sources, including franchisee preferences and performance metrics. This enabled a smooth consolidation of data and accurate targeting.

With all this data in one place, it was time to automate the process of creating individualized campaigns based on each franchisee's input.

Using the automation power of Channable, Netprofiler set up six campaign generators. These spun up 2,500 campaigns, 16,500 ad groups, and nearly 38,000 keywords.

Driving Campaign Success with Smart Rules

The creation of each campaign was driven by a set of smart rules within Channable's system. The rules ensured precision in targeting the right keywords and generating dynamic headlines – making sure each store had its own unique ad headline.

In addition, these rules kept track of the activity period for each campaign. This ensured that the campaigns were only live and visible to the public when they were supposed to be.

This ensured personalized, targeted advertising with tailor-made campaigns and ad copy for each franchisee.

Streamlining the Advertising Process and Budget Distribution

Next up was optimization. Using Channable's rule-based system Netprofiler streamlined the advertising process. This system allowed them to create custom optimization rules, automating adjustments to bids, budgets, and ad content.

Channable's rules also automated budget management, handling nearly 1.2 million automatic budget recalculations per year, and shifting budgets between channels to meet spending targets.

Finally, Channable brought together cost and budget data for each location. This allowed Netprofiler to calculate the optimal budget distribution for the remaining budget of the month, ensuring every Euro was put to its best use.

The Payoff: Time Saved and Revenue Boosted

“By automating a heap of tasks, we slashed the time spent setting up and tweaking campaigns and budgets every month by 55%.” shares Paul de Graaf, Head of Feed Management at Netprofiler. This extra time opened up space for more experimentation and testing, increasing the number of experiments fivefold

The experiments paid off too. They led to an 11% drop in the cost per click (CPC) compared to the old approach.

In addition, by expanding dynamic keyword combinations, Netprofiler managed to increase the reach by running more experiments. The new approach led to a substantial 16% uptick in revenue compared to the previous setup.

Built for Expansion

This new approach isn't just a one-hit-wonder. It's easily scalable to new locations or even other countries just over the border where New York Pizza operates, such as Germany and Belgium.

Plus, it's not just limited to pizza. The approach can be adapted for other clients too, as Netprofiler has seen with another large company where they’re currently implementing a similar setup.

The Perfect Blend of Expertise and Automation

Just like a perfect pizza, the right ingredients came together to create something special. In this case, the ingredients were the expert guidance of Netprofiler and the powerful automation features of Channable.

If you're hungry for similar results, why not give Channable a try? Our platform offers everything you need to streamline your ecommerce marketing and enhance your outcomes, just like it did for New York Pizza.

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