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Dynamic location fields reveal the power of Google text ads

December 9, 2019

René du Plessis, Online Performance Consultant at Achterhoek Performance Center (APC) is a valued client who has shared his story on how he found and works with Channable for Google Text Ads via one of their clients viaBovag.


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Dynamic location fields reveal the power of Google text ads

Looking for a solution to advertise large amounts of products without the manual work, René du Plessis, Online Performance Consultant at Achterhoek Performance Center (APC) shares his journey on how he found and works with Channable for dynamic Google Text Ads.

René’s reasons, “We were not using a tool where we could optimize the feeds of our customers in a user-friendly way.” For viaBovag, one of APC’s clients, Google Text Ads were crucial, but very hard to implement due to the ever shifting nature of their products.

Finding the right fit

APC had been using Channable for other clients looking for a user friendly solution to manage feeds for Google Shopping campaigns. René had tried other tools while working at previous companies, such as DataFeedWatch and AdCore, but chose Channable because of its user intuitive design and communication between customer and client. This dialog and service was the deciding factor in making a final decision, especially when handling clients with very dynamic product ranges such as viaBovag, where communication was important in getting campaigns started and organized.

The size of the product range would be an important reason to advertise with Channable, they make handling large imports a breeze. Additionally, varying products or services are also an important reason to automate with Channables feed management and SEA tool.

Getting up and running

Once APC had become accustomed to Channable, they realized there were many possibilities to utilize the tool to help better manage their clients. In the case of viaBovag it was decided to start using Google Text Ads. Channable allows for dynamic fields to be inserted into a text ad. Allowing viaBovag’s 76,000+ car ads to be run on a product level. René: “Something not possible to manage on such a scale without an automation tool.” Meaning that fields such stock or region could be inserted with a dynamic connection. Creating ads that pause and unpause themselves, according to their availability.

Build a campaign based on search behavior and then expand it with the possibilities offered by Channable.

The setup for such a configuration went very smoothly. APC created the structure of the campaigns within the limits of Google Ads. From there René looked at what Channable could further enhance and automate, with a few minor adjustments APC was able to realize exactly what they wanted for viaBovag.


The results of APC’s and Channable’s collaboration was a dynamic ad generator with 200+ campaigns containing more than 5,100 ad groups and 23,500 keywords, using just a few ads. With these dynamic campaigns it is now possible for viaBovag to create very focused ads targeted to specific towns or regions. An example is below.:

Dynamic fields Google Text Ads
Dynamic fields utilized in Google Text Ads

Being able to precisely target and advertise without having to spend a large amount of time is a huge win and is exactly what Channable is able to provide. In addition, campaigns are no longer paused or interrupted due to changing stock thanks to the dynamic fields. “This coupled with the customer service and collaboration makes Channables product unique in the market and a must have for companies with large amounts of data or fluctuating stock.” Rene said.

If this sounds like a solution for you and your company Channable is always happy to talk. A trial account is free until you go live and just a click away.

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