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The Digital Boost: ads&figures increased revenue by +27%

January 21, 2021

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to maximize their revenue and achieve success. Swiss digital agency, ads&figures, has found a powerful ally in Channable, a leading platform for automating and optimizing PPC campaigns. Through their collaboration with Channable, ads&figures has been able to leverage the opportunities generated by social media marketing, increase efficiency, and drive impressive revenue growth. Let's dive into their professional relationship and the remarkable results they've achieved.

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The Digital Boost: ads&figures increased revenue by +27%

Key Learnings

  1. Automation helped ads&figures increase revenue from social media campaigns by over 27%.

  2. Data feed management provided independence from clients' IT teams and streamlined processes.

  3. Scalability improved as Channable handled large volumes of data without compromising quality.

  4. Centralizing feed management and PPC automation, allowed for optimizing the clients' digital presence across multiple channels.

Setting the Stage: ads&figures and Channable

Since May 2018, ads&figures has been utilizing Channable's tools to craft successful digital strategies for clients across various industries.

With a strong focus on PPC and social media advertising, Channable's feed management and PPC automation tools have played a vital role in driving their clients' success.

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By identifying their clients' optimal position in the digital space, ads&figures has harnessed the power of Channable to boost revenue from social media campaigns by an astonishing 27% or more.

5 Decisive Advantages: Why ads&figures Chose Channable

The decision to partner with Channable stemmed from ads&figures' desire to reduce dependence on their clients' IT teams.

The agency faced significant manual work in processing products individually, which hindered scalability.

In their quest for a suitable feed management and PPC solution, ads&figures explored various providers but found Channable to be the perfect fit.

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The key advantages that convinced ads&figures to choose Channable are:

1. Independence

Channable offered ads&figures the freedom they sought, allowing them to be less reliant on their clients' IT teams. This independence empowered them to take control of their digital strategies and streamline their processes.

2. Time Savings

By automating various tasks and reducing manual work, Channable helped ads&figures save valuable time. This efficiency boost enabled the agency to focus on strategic considerations and tactics, ultimately benefiting their clients.

3. Scalability

Scalability was a game-changer for ads&figures. With the ability to handle large volumes of product data and streamline workflows, the agency was able to expand its operations without compromising quality or efficiency.

4. Feeds & PPC: Everything in One Place

Channable's platform offered ads&figures a centralized solution for feed management and PPC automation. This seamless integration allowed them to optimize their clients' digital presence across multiple channels, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Ads.

5. UX & UI

In addition to its functional capabilities, Channable impressed ads&figures with its user-friendly interface. The clean and intuitive design made it easier for the agency to navigate the platform and execute their digital strategies efficiently.

Impressive Results: 27% More Sales with 8% Less Ad Spend on Facebook

Ads&figures' marketing strategy for Helen Kirchhofer revolved around meticulous planning and skillful utilization of Channable's capabilities.

By implementing a language-specific project structure in Channable, ads&figures could display Helen Kirchhofer's ads in multiple languages (German, French, English, and Italian) across the Facebook business network in Switzerland.

Through continuous performance-led optimization, including automated A/B testing and rule-based product catalog adjustments, ads&figures achieved remarkable results for Helen Kirchhofer within a single month:

  • Sales increased by an impressive 27%
  • Transactions saw a significant boost of 68%
  • Cost-per-sale decreased by 43%
  • Ad spend reduced by 8%

The automation provided by Channable, especially for multilingual projects, has been instrumental in improving efficiency and allowing ads&figures to allocate more resources to strategic considerations and measures.

This ultimately benefits their clients by delivering outstanding results.

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A Promising Partnership: The Journey Continues

As a Bronze partner, ads&figures has forged a constructive, proactive, and solution-oriented relationship with the platform. They have ambitious plans for the future and aspire to become a Gold Partner, reflecting their commitment to driving excellence in the digital advertising landscape.

If you're interested in exploring the benefits of Channable's partner program, join them today and unlock the potential for your digital marketing success.

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