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The Digital Boost: ads&figures increased revenue by +27%

January 21, 2021

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Swiss digital agency, ads&figures, use Channable for their clients in order to automate and optimize PPC campaigns, to make the most of the opportunities generated through social media marketing, and to increase efficiency and output by saving time. This collaboration with Channable contributed to ads&figures being awarded IAB Switzerland’s “Digital Agency of the Year'' for 2020. We sat down with CIO, René Linder who provided insights into ads&figures professional relationship with Channable.

The Digital Boost: ads&figures increased revenue by +27%

ads&figures has been working with Channable since May 2018 and has since set up successful digital strategies for clients from a wide range of industries. With PPC and social media advertising being two key pillars within these digital strategies, Channable’s feed management and PPC tools have been integral to their clients’ success. After locating their clients’ optimal position in the digital space, ads&figures utilize Channable to increase their revenue by social media campaigns by, in some cases, more than 27%.

5 decisive advantages: Why ads&figures chose Channable

The path to Channable began with ads&figures wanting to be less dependent on their client’s IT teams. René Linder explained, “We were regularly confronted with a lot of manual work due to having to process products individually”. This simply wasn’t scalable which led to ads&figures setting a goal to find better options for scalability. “We became aware of Channable during our market research to find a suitable feed management and PPC solution. We were less convinced by the other providers and, with Channable, the whole package was just right for us”.

As the go-to tool for a combined feed management and PPC automation, Channable provides ads&figures the ideal solution to offer its clients its wide range of services in the digital space. Feeds for the biggest social media channels such as Facebook and Pinterest and dynamic text ads for Google Ads can be generated in Channable based on a single product data import.

What convinces us about Channable is, on the one hand, the combination of feed management and a solution for the automated creation of PPC ads in one tool. And, on the other hand, also the lean and clean UX and UI.

The 5 key advantages:

  1. Independence
  2. Time savings
  3. Scalability
  4. Feeds & PPC: everything in one place
  5. UX & UI


Social media advertising: continuously optimized thanks to automation

The Swiss digital strategists use Channable to complement their diverse, cross-industry client portfolio. One of the most recognizable names within their portfolio is Helen Kirchhofer; one of the leading watch and jewelry brands in Switzerland.

In the planning for Helen Kirchhofer’s Christmas eCommerce strategy, the objective was to maximize sales by using the advertising budget more effectively and efficiently. To achieve this, ads&figures relied primarily on product ads on social media. Using Channable, a total of 13 social media campaigns were created for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

27% more sales with 8% less ad spend on Facebook

ads&figures’ marketing strategy for Helen Kirchhofer was based on excellent, timely planning and the skillful use of Channable to manage product data in marketing. By simply creating one project per language in Channable, ads&figures were able to show Helen Kirchhofer’s ads on the Facebook business network in multiple languages (German, French, English, and Italian) throughout Switzerland.

The continuous performance-led optimization of the Facebook ads was achieved through automated A/B testing of the ad copy, the number of ads, and the product selection. Channable’s powerful if-then rule system made it possible to easily and quickly adapt the product catalog in all languages by systematically optimizing ad titles and excluding specific products.

Through social media feeds optimized with Channable, Helen Kirchhofer achieved the following within the month of December:

  • + 27% sales
  • + 68% transactions
  • - 43% cost-per-sale
  • - 8% advertising spend

The automation that Channable allows, especially for multilingual client projects, convinces the agency: "Above all, we have gained efficiency and can invest more resources in strategic and tactical considerations and measures instead of in manual work, which ultimately also benefits the clients," sums up CIO René.

The Bronze partnership with Channable is just the beginning

ads&figures is also a Channable bronze partner and has big ambitions for the future: "We would describe our cooperation as very constructive, proactive and solution-oriented. Our self-image naturally cries out for becoming a Gold Partner.

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