Channable’s SEA tool

Channable’s SEA tool

Create dynamic ads based on your data feed

Channable's SEA tool offers the chance to easily automate Google Ads (Google AdWords) and Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) with rules and dynamic variable fields, for ultimate quality scores and performance. By using rules, you can easily optimize information specifically for ads or keywords and automatically pause ads based on e.g. availability, brand, EANs. Use Channable's SEA tool to generate expanded text ads, sitelinks, keywords, and Shopping campaigns to stimulate sales, acquire more traffic to your website, and increase clickthrough rates.

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Google Ads (Google AdWords) in Channable

Use your data feed to create dynamic text ads or Shopping campaigns to advertise on Google in our SEA tool. With the different fields, keywords, and ad customizers in Channable’s SEA tool templates, you can easily generate ads for all your items. Add sitelinks to your Google Ads in order to lead people to specific pages on your site.
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Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) in Channable

Construct campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and negative keywords for Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) Text Ads in Channable's SEA tool with your data feed. The SEA tool offers an ad template to simplify and speed up ad creation. Within the SEA tool, it's also possible to copy all settings, campaigns, and templates from your Channable Google Ads (Google AdWords) to your Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) to further speed up the process.
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Shopping campaigns

Channable's SEA tool enables you to filter products and generate Shopping campaigns with dynamic ad groups. The Google Ads (Google AdWords) SEA tool enables you to select the products for the specific campaign, the level on which the ad group should be generated, and add dynamic or static negative keywords to eliminate unnecessary costs. Set the Default Maximum CPC with dynamic fields or a fixed value. The structure of your Shopping campaigns made in the SEA tool will be exported to your Google Ads (Google AdWords) account and connected to the products in your Merchant Center.
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Generate campaigns, ad groups and ads

The SEA tool gives you the power to use dynamic fields from your data feed to easily generate campaigns, ad groups, text ads and (negative) keywords based on your subcategories, brand, title or any other fields you may like. Furthermore, you can input keywords, negative keywords, tracking and set up default targeting settings within the SEA tool. The flexibility allows users to advertise on long tail, without sacrificing personalized ads but also without the loads of manual work. One SEA tool to manage all your search ads.
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Filter your products

Channable provides you with powerful rule based actions with which you can filter your products on numerous criteria. Using an SEA tool to filter your products can significantly increase the quality score, effectiveness and efficiency of your paid ads.
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Hundreds of channels worldwide

With Channable feed manager and SEA tool you can export your products to hundreds of comparison sites, affiliates, marketplaces and generate dynamic SEA campaigns to target customers worldwide. If we do not yet have your channel of choice, just let us know!
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Performance based optimization

eCommerce Analytics provide you with the data needed to effectively optimize your product feed. Link you Google Analytics to Channable and view your product data in our interface. Gather data, optimize eCommerce performance and Google and Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) optimization all in one place.
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Scheduled data update every day

Updating your product information daily assures that your product data is up to date and accurate for your SEA campaigns made in the SEA tool. Channable automatically updates your product feed every day at a time suitable for you.
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Dashboard overview

A simple and tastefully designed dashboard displays the most vital data for your operations. View your imported products, export channels, analytics data and order tracking.
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Free support

We believe in assisting our clients in every step of the way. Our trained experts are here to answer all your questions about our SEA tool free of charge. Having trouble setting up your SEA campaigns? Just contact us.

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"Deploying tens of thousands of adgroups with tailormade ads in Channable's SEA tool has never been easier or quicker."

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Jordi ter Woord
eCommerce Addict @ IGM

"Hundreds of AdWords campaigns based on feeds which are automatically paused and activated daily. Without Channable's SEA tool this would be an impossible task."

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Gemma van Dorst
SEA specialist @ Blue Mango Interactive

"Channable gives us the ability to create simple rules, and dynamic ads based on our feeds. Very user-friendly SEA tool!"

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Linda van Lakwijk
Online marketer @ Zoover

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