Integrated analytics

Integrated analytics

Import analytics for performance-based optimizations

Channable offers an incredibly easy integration of Google Analytics which imports the performance data of your products straight to your Channable dashboard. Use this marketing analytics data to perform strategic actions based on product performance. Adjusting of your data can greatly increase your sales and decrease your costs. Analyze your performance data and optimize your products all in one place with Channable.

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"Clever rules combined with Google Analytics data enable us to select our most profitable assortiment."

Mark van Hulst
Senior Performance Marketing Specialist @ Media Markt-Saturn

"With Channable we can optimize our product feed in great detail, giving us the possibility to gain exposure for our website all over Europe. This lets us showcase to everyone in Europe where they can purchase the best quality phone and tablet accessories."

Diango Stegeman
CEO @ Diamtelecom

"For our customers, this is the ultimate solution in the field of feed-based advertising."

Maarten Sommeijer
Client Director @ Maxlead

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