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Privalia is a Spanish marketplace specialized in fashion and home products. Founded in 2006 in Barcelona, it is also now possible to find Privalia in Mexico, Italy and Brazil. It has more than 15 million users who enjoy incredible discounts everyday on the best-known fashion brands.


Advantages of selling on Privalia

  • Higher visibility: Position your products on one of the most important outlets in Spain, to help you gain visibility and improve sales. They have agreements with big brands like Adidas or Nike, helping another small brands earn visibility.
  • More purchases: They offer very attractive discounts every day, making many users check the web every day to find the best deals. Therefore, scarcity is used as a way of encouraging purchases.
  • All year round : A great platform/opportunity to sell out of season products on.
  • Exclusivity: Purchases made on Privalia are limited to members, which gives a certain exclusivity. As only members can access the offers and discounts that are advertised.

Where will my product listings appear on Privalia?

Products are distributed according to the brand, not according to the product category. Once you are browsing a particular brand you can select the different products. Each product listing appears with the photo, the price and the discount. By clicking on the product you will find additional information such as the description, the delivery time and the company that is selling the item.

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