Sell on Maisons du Monde marketplace

Channable offers a direct integration with one of the most popular home decor and furniture marketplaces in eCommerce. Learn all you need to know about selling and order management on Maisons du Monde.


Sell on Maisons du Monde marketplace with automated listings and orders

Maisons du Monde is a major European player in the home decor & furniture space with an eCommerce marketplace active in 4 countries: France, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Reasons to integrate your webshop with Maisons du Monde

  • Boost your sales with a unique Marketplace model in Europe, accessible both online and through physical locations
  • Profit from secure payment choices and installment plans
  • Gain access to a young European customer base
  • Receive a dedicated account manager and a personalized marketing strategy

Use Channable’s Maisons du Monde integration to scale

Connecting with the Maisons du Monde Marketplace via Channable’s direct API integration enables you to grow your presence in a scalable and automated way.

All you need to have is an account with Channable as well as with Maisons du Monde to gain from the following benefits:

  • The direct Maisons du Monde integration will automatically list your products based on your catalog, making sure your listings on Maisons du Monde marketplace are always up-to-date.
  • Powerful “if” and “then” rules will match your product information with Maisons du Monde’s requirements, or filter out the products you don’t want to advertise.
  • Get real-time stock updates daily to manage even large product catalogs across your eCommerce channels.
  • Synchronize your orders to your online shop with the automated Maisons du Mondes webshop integration.

Find more information about setting up a Maisons du Monde API in our help center.

How to sell on Maisons du Monde - getting started

Maisons du Monde has a highly selective system in place to choose new selling partners. The primary criteria include:

1. Sales potential: Maisons du Monde assesses whether the seller is already active on other marketplaces and takes the sales performance into consideration.

2. Complementarity: Maisons du Monde analyzes whether the seller's catalog aligns with the marketplace’s style and price range, ensuring a cohesive fit.

3. KPIs: Maisons du Monde evaluates the seller's reputation based on online ratings and overall popularity.

As a Channable user, you can apply here for the seller section process at Maisons du Monde.

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