Get your products on Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a comparison shopping engine created by Google, it operates in 23 countries around the world spanning 6 continents. The search results on Google Shopping are built on ‘product listing ads’. This enables the shoppers to purchase products directly from your online shop. In order to include ‘product listing ads’ first you have to set up your Google Adwords campaign.

With Channable you only have to set up your feed once and your ads will be automatically updated if your feed changes. Also, you can automatically track performance with Google Analytics, or any other tracking platform. By tracking the performance of product you can see exactly where to optimize feeds. Although, Google offers some feed management options, the operations you can perform are not nearly as powerful as what Channable can do.

Advantages of Google Shopping Product listing ads

  • More traffic

    Google is the most popular website in the world, thus leading to incredibly high amounts of traffic. Due to its popularity Google is a great place to export your products. You will experience a significant increase in your click through rates (CTR).

  • Better qualified leads

    The Google product listing ads allow you increase the quality of your leads by featuring product information directly in your ads. This helps shoppers make informed purchase decisions, making them more likely to complete a purchase.

  • Easy retail-centric campaign management

    The way product listing ads work is by using the attributes of your products to display them in relevant searches, instead of using keywords. This way you do not have to worry if you picked the best keywords, just set up and send.

  • Broader presence

    Your product listing ads are not limited to just showing up one at a time. If the search terms match, multiple ads can be displayed simultaneously. This feature will display more of your products increasing visibility.

Where are my ads displayed on Google Shopping?

Google Shopping ads are displayed on the right when searching for products on Google and under the ‘Shopping’ tab. Each product is displayed in its own window and ads can be sorted using the options provided.

Get your products on Google Shopping

  1. Create a channable account

    Creating an account takes seconds, just sing up with your name and email address.

  2. Import your datafeed

    The Channable platform supports CSV files, RSS feeds and XML feeds. Just select the type of file you would like to import. If you have a different type of file, don’t worry, just contact us and we will add it for you.

  3. Add Google Shopping as a channel

    In order to export your product, first you would have to add Google Shopping as a channel. Don’t worry it’s very easy! To do that just head over to the ‘Channels’ tab and ‘add new channel’. Adding Google Shopping as a channel will greatly increase the visibility of your online shop. There are 11 million Dutch e-shoppers (66% of population) and what is a better way to reach them than Google Shopping.

  4. Setup rules

    After you have connected to Google Shopping, the next step involved creating rules to optimize your feed for the best results possible. This involves using our IF-THEN statements which we designed to simplify this step.

  5. Finalize

    The ‘Finalize’ step of the optimization is designed so that you can look over the data fields that should be filled and select the info that should occupy each field. This feature really help with customizing and creating the best datafeed for each application. After you have completed all the steps just press ‘run now’.

  6. Earn Money!

    After everything has been completed, you will start earning money. Enjoy!

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