Integrate your webshop with Google Shopping

Looking to sell on Google Shopping with a feed manager to optimize your listings quickly and efficiently? You’re in the right place! Channable offers a seamless Google Shopping integration for you to send your products to the Google Merchant Center in no time and create fully-optimized campaigns, whether you want to create Standard or Smart Shopping ads.


Channable’s Google Shopping integration allows you to set up a Google Shopping feed in just a few minutes and optimize it to match all of Google’s technical requirements. With our Google Shopping integration, you benefit from features which enable you to easily advertise your product catalog on Google Shopping, but also track performance data to make sure you create successful campaigns. But what exactly can you expect from our Google Shopping integration and how can the Channable tool help you manage your feeds effectively?

Connect to Channable’s Google Shopping integration via API or feed

As a professional seller, you want to make sure you send all of the mandatory fields required by Google to the Merchant Center. To do so without hassle and avoid error-prone manual work, Channable users utilize our Google Shopping integration to advertise on Google Shopping by either exporting a feed or sending their products via an API. Providing Google with the right product information in the right format is essential, and that’s just what Channable’s Google Shopping integration ensures.

Intuitive Google Shopping feed management

To improve the relevance and quality of your listings even more, our Google Shopping integration gives you access to a powerful IF-THEN rule system to enrich and filter your Google Shopping feed efficiently and make sure you never show irrelevant products or content, such as out-of-stock items and outdated prices, for example. Using a Google Shopping feed manager also saves you time.No one likes to spend countless hours matching their items with the Google product taxonomy, and this is exactly why our Google Shopping integration supports smart categorization. An invaluable feature allowing Channable users to categorize their products automatically thanks to a smart machine learning algorithm. In short, when you start setting up your categories through our Google Shopping integration, a suggestion will pop up for every product in order to place it in the most logical category, saving you effort so you can focus on your Google Shopping and feed management strategy in the long run.

Make use of a feed manager to optimize your campaigns with Google Analytics data

Channable’s Google Shopping integration wouldn’t be complete without a way to track performance data. With our integrated Analytics feature, users can see how each of their products perform on Google Shopping and get insights on specific key metrics such as click-through rate and conversion rate. Thus, using our Google Shopping integration allows for continuous performance-based optimizations that will help you take your online marketing strategy to the next level. You can decide, for example, to boost your top selling items or, on the contrary, shed more light on the low performing ones so they get more visibility. Our Google Shopping integration gives you all the information you need to make data-driven decisions.

Benefit from a Google Shopping integration which combines Standard and Smart Shopping campaigns

Because we don’t want our users to feel restricted, we have developed a Google Shopping integration supporting both Standard and Smart Shopping campaigns. With Channable’s Google Shopping integration, you can set up Smart Shopping campaigns in just a few clicks and choose the bidding strategy that works best for your marketing goals: Maximize Conversion Value or Custom TargetROAS. And, just like you’d want to optimize your Standard Shopping campaigns with our Google Shopping integration, you can also create rules to create top quality and always up-to-date Smart Shopping campaigns with minimal effort and maintenance.

Looking for the perfect feed manager to create performing (Smart) Shopping campaigns? Try out our Google Shopping integration for free right now! Channable’s trial period is unlimited and allows you to explore all of our functionalities at your own pace until you’re ready to go live.

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