How to manage your Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping feed all in one place

Setting up your Google Shopping feed has never been easier. Connect with Channable’s Google Shopping API or shopping feed in minutes to start advertising your products on the world’s largest search engine.

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How your Google Shopping feed or Content API works

A Google Shopping feed is a CSV or XML file that includes all the information necessary to advertise on Google Shopping. Think of attributes like a product title, description, price, and so on. Your Google Shopping feed builds a direct connection between the products in your online shop and the ads that you create on Google Shopping. The more information your Google product feed contains, the better!

A Google Shopping API connection works much the same way as a feed. The difference here is that an API connects to your online shop in real-time. Resulting in automatic updates to your online shop, such as stock or price changes.

Optimize your Google Merchant Center product feed

Different from Google Text Ads, which are based on keywords, Google Shopping is connected to a product data feed which then becomes your Google Shopping feed.

Your Google merchant center account is your base to upload all of your product data related to your online shop and provides the information needed to advertise on Google Shopping. Optimizing your Google Shopping feed will have a direct impact on the performance of your Shopping campaigns. Providing Google with information in the correct format, however, can sometimes be quite difficult depending on your source data. Think about the format of your product titles or product attributes like colors and materials. Optimizing your Google Merchant Center product feed now feels a bit overwhelming. Now think of automatically updating, optimizing, and organizing your product feed to your Google Merchant Center, sounds good? Then see how an automation solution can make this your reality.

Powering your Google Shopping feed or API with automation

With an automation solution, you can utilize features such as:

Smart categorization of products - built-in smart categorization lets you categorize your products in only a few minutes. Categorizing your products correctly is the first step to successfully advertise with Google. Categorizing manually takes a long time, especially if you have a varied or large catalog. Smart categorization cuts your time spent on categorization significantly.

Directly synchronize your product catalog with Google merchant center - Utilizing an integration for your product data feed via XML or API, you can sync and update your entire catalog of items and ads.

Built-in quality control to ensure your feed meets all mandatory requirements - Receiving errors on your ads can be extremely frustrating. Using an automation solution with smart features and suggestions can help you clean up and optimize your product data feed. Eliminating errors and allowing you to advertise all the items you want.

Channable, the solution to manage and automate your Google Shopping feed

Channable offers a complete Google Shopping API and product feed integration. Allowing you to easily manage and automate your advertising catalog.

Thanks to this integration, you can easily enjoy and utilize the following benefits from Channable’s solution:

  • Integrated data feed or Google Shopping API connection to keep your product listings up-to-date in real-time.
  • Easy-to-use quality check to make sure your data feed meets Google merchant center requirements.
  • Set up Google Shopping product feed categories in a couple of clicks with smart categorization.
  • The ability to enrich and optimize ads with the help of smart IF/THEN rules, to bring higher conversion rates.
  • Free technical support to help you get started.
  • Besides Google Shopping, you can also integrate your catalog with more than 2.500 channels.

The implementation of Channable and optimizing the Shopping feed for Google already resulted in a growth of impressions by over 1100%, clicks by over 650%, +800% more conversions and a 15% saving in costs per conversion in the first weeks - Stefan de Jong, Product Owner eCommerce @ Bestseller

If you are interested in managing your Google Shopping product feed through our easy-to-use integration, you will find more details and useful information on the following page. If you’re ready to start configuring your Google Shopping API or feed now, you just need to start a free trial account in Channable.

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