Sell on the Decathlon eCommerce marketplace

Channable offers a direct integration with one of the most popular sports platforms in eCommerce. Find out all you need to know about selling on Decathlon in an automated way.


Decathlon marketplace integration: Opening up the webstore to third parties

Decathlon is staying ahead of the game by opening up its eCommerce platforms in 14 different countries to become the world's most preferred sports platform. Decathlon's webstore will be complementing its own extensive sports range with products by over a hundred other brands.

Reasons to integrate your web shop with Decathlon

  • Decathlon is an exclusive marketplace providing access to the best qualified traffic for sports in Europe.
  • Brand leadership and omnichannel assets (stores & logistics network, 10+ years experience in eCommerce).
  • Value-added services starting with fulfillment and digital marketing.
  • Centralized onboarding and portal experience for sellers.

Decathlon's eCommerce marketplace offer for sellers

  • Experience & expertise: 14 strong EU markets with good performing and well-known eCommerce platforms
  • Extensive logistics & service capacities
  • Community & transparency: Access to a massive sports passionate database, commercial follow-up, networking.
  • Digital platform & marketing: Invite-only platform, access to Mirakl platform & partner account, digital marketing services.
  • Full commission model: Decathlon takes a commission on gross price + VAT on sold products (incl. shipment, handling costs, taxes) ranging between 10 % and 18 % depending on the product category.

Use Channable’s Decathlon API integration to scale

Connecting with the Decathlon Marketplaces via Channable’s direct API integration enables you to grow your presence in a scalable and automated way. You need to have an account with Channable as well as with Decathlon to profit from the following benefits:

  • The direct Decathlon integration will automatically list your products based on your catalog, making sure your listings on Decathlon are always up-to-date.
  • Powerful “if” and “then” rules will match your product information with Decathlon’s requirements, or filter out the products you don’t want to advertise.
  • Get real-time stock updates on a daily basis to manage even large product catalogs across your eCommerce channels.
  • Synchronize your orders back to your online shop with the automated Decathlon webshop integration.

Find more information about setting up a Decathlon API in our help center.

How to get started as a seller on Decathlon marketplace

The Decathlon marketplaces are open for sellers from the sports, durable mobility and well-being categories, including a strong focus on circular business models and second hand products.

Based on offer and company, Decathlon will select sellers to go live in the markets that are relevant for partners, Decathlon and customers. Decathlon's experience in sport retail and the data based selection will create a network of strong long term partnerships, with passion for sports.

Every partner needs to have a EU legal entity, EU VAT number + OSS (or alternatively EU VAT number in each country of sales), and stock present in the EU. For UK sales, sellers need to provide the information mentioned above in the UK itself.

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