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Channable offers a simple CSV converter. Files in CSV format can be imported in and exported from Channable in order to convert them into different format such as: custom XML, custom TXT, custom Json file, etc.


Channable is the perfect tool to manage, edit and work on your data. It will give you all the freedom to tweak your data in the easiest way possible from many different types of files into a custom CSV file.

The advantages of the CSV converter:

  • Combine files from different formats into a unique final file

  • Set up actions which allow you to filter data

  • Exclude data you don’t want to export

  • Enrich your data and easily tweak it

How to use the CSV converter:

  1. On the import level Import your file to use the CSV converter. The formats can be XML, CSV, TXT or Google Spreadsheet. You can even combine different files format.

  2. Choose the format This is the CSV converter part: change your file format simply by selecting which file type you want to convert it into. The options are custom CSV, TXT, XML, JSON or RSS feed.

  3. Work on your data Modify and tweak your data with our rules section.

  4. Export your file This where you can get the final file. Choose which fields you want to export, their order and how you want to name them.

This short video shows you how to export a custom CSV file within Channable:

If you want to know more about what the possibilities of data management are with Channable, check out our blog.

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