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Unlock your growth in the DIY segment and manage your Brico listings and orders automatically. Learn how to get started on the leading DIY marketplace in the Benelux with Channable.

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Leader in the Benelux DIY segment

Maxeda DIY Group is market leader in the Benelux, present as Brico and BricoPlanet in Belgium. The platform’s goal is to become the B2C search engine for home improvement and gardening products.

Opportunities for sellers on Brico

  • 99 % brand recognition.
  • Experience & expertise: Almost 2 million Brico customers are members in Belgium; more than 130 million visitors yearly online and 80 million in-stores for the Maxeda group.
  • Digital marketing opportunities for third party sellers: Integration into Brico’s Google Shopping feeds, joint group promotions, retail media, equal visibility compared to Maxeda’s store products

Boost your sales on Brico with Channable’s marketplace API

The DIY segment is booming and known for its large product catalogs. Automating your listings and orders on Brico will be a game-changer. The Channable functionalities will enable you to gain maximized visibility while saving valuable time.

  • Increase your sales on Brico
    Bring your home and garden products to the Benelux market faster and grow your sales in a sustainable way. All from one powerful feed.
  • Handle your Brico orders automatically
    Save time by using the Channable API connection to synchronize all your Brico orders with your eCommerce platform.
  • Keep the overview of your Brico inventory
    Organize your product data and apply performance insights to optimize your product data for Brico.

Find out more about Channable’s marketplace functionalities.

How can I get started as a seller on Brico?

  • It is mandatory for sellers to list their products on both marketplaces of the Maxeda DIY group. Product data and customer communication have to be provided in both Dutch and French. Learn more about Maxeda's Dutch brand Praxis.

  • Maxeda carefully selects their selling partners and evaluates the marketplace fit based on several criteria. To apply as a seller, fill in Maxeda’s marketplace seller questionnaire (application is free of charge).

Read in our Help Center how to set up the Brico API in Channable.

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