Social Commerce in 2022: Everything You Need To Drive Conversions

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Social Commerce in 2022: Everything You Need To Drive Conversions

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Just existing on social media is not enough. You need to use the right mix of organic marketing and dynamic ads to find prospects. You need to engage with them through quality content. And finally, you need to guide them towards your social media shop to drive in-app conversions and generate revenue.

Selling on social media is an art. ECommerce businesses that learn this art and leverage it on social media reap excellent results.
After all, that’s where your target audience is.
97% of Gen Z consumers say they use social media as their top source of shopping inspiration!

In this eBook, you’ll learn

  • What exactly Social Commerce is.
  • Why should you invest your time and energy in selling via social media?
  • How Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok can supercharge your social commerce game?
  • Which of these platforms are best for YOUR business?
    And 5 social commerce experts weigh in with their expert tips and tricks - plus what specific social commerce tips worked for their business!

What’s Inside the ebook

  • Marketers can reach a total potential audience of 2.109 billion users with ads on Facebook in January 2022.
    La Mer, a French luxury beauty brand, saw a 3X increase in landing page visits by employing social selling tactics on Facebook.

  • Instagram’s advertising reach has outpaced Facebook this past year and grew by 20.5%.
    The Laundress, a cleaning product brand, generated more than $40000 in sales after conducting a Live Session for their new product line!

  • Users on Pinterest spend twice as much monthly than social shoppers on other platforms.
    Craft’s store, Michaels, saw an 8% bump in-store traffic by conducting a Pinterest marketing and social selling campaign.

  • Snapchat’s users have over $4.4 trillion in “spending power”, which became evident when Ulta Beauty saw $6 million in incremental purchases on Snapchat.

  • Consumer spending on TikTok increased by a whopping 77% in 2021.

Dorsal bracelets saw insane results when they leveraged social selling on TikTok - over 15 million video views and a CTR of .91%.

Who's inside

  • Jeff Moriarty, Marketing Manager at Moriarty’s Gem Art, generated a whopping $30,000 in sales by utilizing live streams.

  • Martin Luenendonk, an entrepreneur, startup enthusiast, and the CEO at FounderJar, believes ‘First 60 minutes of the Instagram post decide the life of it.’

  • Laura Rike, a Pinterest Powerhouse, recommends “taking advantage of new Pinterest features that help the algorithm amplify reach, such as the video pins.”

  • David Brock, author of SnapChat Marketing Excellence, says eCommerce brands need to “think about the fact that Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media applications for people aged 12 to 24 years old.”

  • Chris Grayson, a social media expert, influencer coach, and Founder of Influencer Made, shares a TikTok hack that works for him, “By being clear and concise, I've been able to generate a lot of course sales through Tiktok.”

Download the eBook NOW and boost leads, conversions, and sales by leveraging social channels and in-app shopping!

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