The 2020 Black Friday forecast

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The 2020 Black Friday forecast

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This year, Black Friday is going to be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. With social distancing rules still in effect for many countries around the world, every retailer MUST have a strong eCommerce presence. Meaning no sale should be lost or overlooked due to the sheer volume of demand and competition online.

According to Adobe Analytics, the volume of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are set to increase in 2020 by almost 20% compared to people shopping for discounts over the same period in 2019.

A survey conducted by Wells Fargo showed that 70% of consumers do not plan on returning to stores in the foreseeable future. This means that the eCommerce marketplace increase from 25% pre-COVID-19 to 30%, will remain.

Keeping that in mind, Channable will help you prepare for the challenges, trends, and changes going to be facing your industry this holiday season. To stay ahead of the competition, read what you need to be seen, and to sell successfully in eCommerce.

What does social distancing mean for your business?

Traditionally, this hectic consumer holiday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season in the US and runs from the Friday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 27th) until the end of Cyber Monday (Nov. 30th). Although most businesses will be offering some type of discounts from the beginning of the week, running to the end of Cyber Monday.
This year, things have changed. For 2020 social distancing is here to stay. This shift is forcing retailers who have favored promotions on limited items in offline stores, to re-focus on their online offerings to create the buzz and the revenue needed to make the holiday sales a success.

Due to COVID-19, online shopping spend has already increased by 59% compared to this time last year. Resulting in increased consumer confidence with buying online, and creating the perfect opportunity for retailers to maximize their online presence and take advantage of all the opportunities to capture sales.

With more ads predicted to be reaching each consumer than ever before, retailers need a data feed automation tool such as Channable. Channable ensures the right promotions are targeting the right consumers at the right time, and sales are not being lost or overlooked due to the sheer volume of demand and competition.

Stay ahead of the curve

As we keep on improving Channable, we would like to share the latest developments with you.

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