Invitation to the IMPACT Cube

May 10, 2021

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On June 17th, Channable will host its very first version of the IMPACT Cube and YOU are invited. This blog post will give you a clear and simple introduction to the event as well as lead you towards how to sign up.

Invitation to the IMPACT Cube

Welcome to the IMPACT Cube

The IMPACT cube is an exclusive digital event for all forward-thinking eCommerce and marketing heroes. At Channable we know how complex the eCommerce landscape can be. With changes and new trends happening rapidly it can be a tremendous challenge to navigate.

We also know how difficult it is for brands, retailers and agencies to keep up to date with all the latest developments. New features and marketplaces are launched almost daily making it a huge challenge to identify where your businesses can make an IMPACT.

This is why we have come up with the IMPACT Cube. On June 17th we will launch the very first edition of this event and we are very lucky to be in esteemed company. For this year's event, we will be joined by none other than Adolfo Fernandez, Head of Commerce Strategy @ Google, and Job Hilbers, Head of Paid Search @ Artefact. They will be sharing knowledge alongside our very own Leo Draxl, Senior Customer Success Manager, with more speakers to be announced soon.

These impact experts from the field of PPC and feed management will guide you through insights, best practices, and tips on how to make real IMPACT for your business.

Finally, the event will be hosted and moderated by Jim Stolze, who some might recognize from various TEDx Talks sessions. On stage, he will be joined by co-host, Sarah Stenquist, Sales Director Northern European Markets @ Channable.

What to expect at the IMPACT Cube?

  • An inspiring and energetic event with a focus on how to create impact.
  • Inspirational speakers from leading brands, agencies and platforms.
  • A good mix of webinars, masterclasses, and keynotes.
  • All the latest insights about clicks and feeds.

Attending the IMPACT Cube is free for all but is mostly relevant for eCommerce managers and directors and SEA/PPC specialists from brands and agencies. Sign up for the event for FREE via the link below.

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