Announcing the Impact Cube 2022: The future of eCommerce is fluid

August 3, 2022


Two years into the decade and the space is evolving fast. Are you ready to remix your advertising strategy? We’re bringing together a group of cutting-edge experts who will address the hottest online marketing topics today and in the coming years. Immerse yourself in the ever-changing eCommerce world at this year’s Impact Cube edition.

Announcing the Impact Cube 2022: The future of eCommerce is fluid

We’re excited to welcome you to a brand new edition of the Impact Cube that puts the spotlight on the fluid eCommerce experience.

Held both online and offline (invite-only in a one-of-a-kind location in The Netherlands), the Impact Cube 2022 welcomes speakers from leading companies to discuss the hottest topics in eCommerce including the future of retail, digital transformation, personalization, and more.

What to expect

Stream the event live on 1st September 2022 and engage with industry leaders, get insights, ideas, and the latest trends on everything eCommerce, and explore the most innovative ways to work in online marketing right now.

Why attend

Technology is transforming the entire eCommerce experience; at the same time, consumers want a more fluid shopping experience. They want to go beyond the siloed approach and get a sense of continuity on their shopping journey, minimizing the friction between various shopping channels. Meet Fluid eCommerce.

But what does creating fluidity in eCommerce really mean? By creating an experience that is consistent at each step of a customer’s journey, advertisers can engage with customers in a more personalized way, producing and delivering highly curated information that is consistent at the right time, on the right channel, for the right person.

Want to find out how to become a better advertiser and eCommerce manager while embracing the concept of fluidity from the comfort of your home? Excellent choice! Then this exclusive event is for you.

Come together to get ideas, solve problems, and understand the market dynamics right now.

  • Learn from key thought leaders in the industry

  • Get the latest insights, best practices, and insights about the future of eCommerce

  • Immerse in interactive presentations and next-gen talks on how to market your products differently in an ever-evolving and competitive landscape

Who’s speaking

A carefully assembled panel agenda will bring you some of the best voices in the eCommerce space.

  1. John Lin, China Tech Speaker on the future of retail
  2. Jim Stolze, Tech Entrepreneur on Artificial vs. Human Intelligence, the metaverse, and automation
  3. Robert Smit, Product Lead at Channable on The growth path to e-commerce maturity
  4. Aida Oghabi, Global Product Marketing Lead at Google on The lack of patience with e-commerce shoppers and how to adapt ads

Sounds interesting? Join us to fully immerse into a series of speaking sessions and interactive presentations. Register now!

Jill KiwittMarketing DACH