Google Video Ads: How to use video to grow your eCommerce shop

January 30, 2024

Generating traffic is one of the essential metrics to consider for eCommerce stores. Sellers aim to reach wider audiences through different channels to diversify their traffic.


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Google Video Ads: How to use video to grow your eCommerce shop

eCommerce businesses usually run ad campaigns on search engines and marketplaces to create brand awareness. But video ads are also a powerful tool for every step in the sales funnel.

Google Video Ads have a real impact in eCommerce when it’s done right. Because more than 33% of shoppers purchased products are discovered on YouTube.

Google offers many options (Video action campaigns, skippable, bumpers, in-stream, etc.) to run video ads on its platforms. Those variations serve different business goals and you can shape them to fit your goals.

If you utilize Google Video Ads aligned with your goals, you can increase your traffic, broaden your audience, and generate more revenue.

In this article, you will find the key benefits of Google Video Ads and tips on how you can improve your video ad campaigns.

Google Video Ads and YouTube are indispensable tools for eCommerce brands

Google Video Ads and YouTube are indispensable tools for eCommerce brands

YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world after Google. YouTube is not only a video streaming platform or social network, it’s also a search engine!

People visit YouTube for various reasons. Sometimes it’s learning how to do something, doing research on a specific product, or simply watching entertaining videos as long-form content or Shorts.

Google Video Ads integrate with the viewing experience and reach the viewer directly when they're interested and engaged. This could help you to create awareness and generate website visits instantly with the right ad campaigns.

People give more attention to video content on YouTube and other pure video platforms compared to video content on other social media platforms.

A study conducted in the UK finds that 83% of viewers on YouTube actively watched or listened to the content, while only 58% of viewers gave the same attention to video content on other social media platforms.

As a seller, you can use this attention for your growth with the right tone of voice and message.

This ad experience could be good or bad depending on the content, audience targeting, and hooks placed in the video.

Fundamentals of Google Video Ads formats

In Google Video Ads, Sellers can create captivating video campaigns with various ad formats. Each format serves a different goal. By using Google Video Ads, you can reach new customers through YouTube and Google’s 3rd party video partners.

Current ad formats provided by Google:

  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • In-feed ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Outstream ads

Fundamentals of Google Video Ads formats

These are the key video ad formats Google uses. However, the most effective formats are Video action campaigns because they can be optimized to take action by viewers or promote products and direct visitors to visit your shop.

How to allocate your advertising budget?

Not every seller has the same ad budget to allocate to each campaign. Google Video Ads can be a valuable tool for business owners, but it has a learning curve for beginners.

It’s best to start with baby steps and understand the Google Video Ads platform dynamics. Sellers don’t have to be experts instantly and be the masters of ad campaigns. But investing time, effort and money could lead to new success for your ads.

There are a few things to establish before deciding on your video ad campaign.

  • How long does it take from the first contact with the customer to making a purchase?
  • What is your profit margin for each sale?
  • How competitive is your product category?
  • How much can you spare for ad campaigns?

Sellers should spend some time on their Google Video Ads campaigns to understand what content and tone of voice is right for their audience. This requires insight and experimentation.

If your budget is tight, it’s better to focus on keywords with low competition in search volume or promoting a few products rather than displaying your entire inventory.

How attribution works for video ads

YouTube campaigns allow advertisers to check cross-network attribution reporting, as a result, eligible sellers opt-in to see both YouTube and Display ads in their reporting dashboards. Attribution reports include “Top parts”, “Path metrics”, “Assisted conversions”, and “Model Comparison” reports.

Google Video Ads utilizes machine learning algorithms to evaluate interactions with ads. This helps you to evaluate the performance of your ad campaigns and drive customers to desired conversion points.

Another benefit is that sellers can see how different channels support each other to deliver a better experience through the customer journey.

Data is every eCommerce shop owner's best friend when it comes to gaining new customers. Data-driven attribution models help sellers assess how their campaigns perform and decide how to create brand awareness and turn visitors into customers in the long term.

Best Options of Video Ads for Online Retailers

Skippable in-stream ads and In-feed ads are the most suitable options for eCommerce sellers. Because Video action campaigns are customizable and can directly promote your products.

Video action campaigns

When you advertise your videos through Video action campaigns, the ad will be shown to viewers before, during, or after the other YouTube videos. Viewers are able to skip the ad after five seconds.

Sellers can easily add product details and shopping links to their products by simply connecting their Google Merchant Center accounts.

This also improves the experience of prospects by directly visiting the product page and making the purchase while watching a video related to the product.

Video action campaigns include the product title, price, and image of the product. One minor downside of this format is it’s only available on in-stream ads and not on the Google Video Partners network.

That means your Google Video Ads will only be viewed on YouTube but not on 3rd party video partners.

Main benefits of Video action campaigns:

  • Drive more conversions: Run your video ads on and off YouTube and drive more conversions while still optimizing the lowest CPA.
  • Improved campaign performance: When you combine your inventory from YouTube, Google video partners, and other datasets, you can get improved performance from Video action campaigns to reach new customers.
  • Scaling your campaign: Video action campaigns can run your ads on mobile, desktop, and TV in one campaign. So that you won’t need to set bids and budget for each inventory source.

Get the best out of Google Video Ads campaigns

Video action campaigns can help you to reach your campaign goals. Because they enable you to promote your products directly linked to videos and your audience.

YouTube and Google Video Ads are your next undiscovered opportunity to reach new heights for your eCommerce business.

Acquiring new customers through ad campaigns is a long-term endeavor that demands patience and trust. However, it can lead to unprecedented revenue and traffic growth for your business.

Channable is here to help you achieve your business goals with efficiency-boosting automation that matches your ads and product listings to your inventory with just a few clicks.

And don’t forget, people will see your video ads before, during, or after a video that they want to watch.

Be conscious about your message, delivery, and context so that viewers will want to see your ads too!

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