How to sell more: Get ready for the online holiday shoppers

May 19, 2021

Is your online store ready for the Christmas business? With the following four tips, we are sure you will sell more than ever.


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How to sell more: Get ready for the online holiday shoppers

It's getting colder outside and we are slowly approaching Christmas. Millions of people are looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. As many people don't want to leave their house to participate in the Christmas shopping marathon, they order their presents from home - online. So the question is: Is your online store ready for the Christmas business? With these tips, we are sure you will succeed and sell more.

1. Your homepage

Responsive design
Ever tried to scroll from one side of a homepage to the other on a mobile device? Then you know - it's not fun. Nowadays, responsive design is a must for every homepage and online store. Make sure to offer your potential customers the best homepage experience and invest in a responsively designed website.

Optimize website speed
3 seconds is all you have - this is the maximum amount of time it takes a website user to leave when a page is not responding. Increase the speed of your website and improve your user experience to encourage browsing and purchasing.

Christmas design and festive layout
Get potential customers into the Christmas spirit. Change teasers and slideshows into a winter wonderland, feature seasonal products and display high-quality pictures, graphics and/or videos. These will grab the customer’s attention and result in a longer stay on your homepage, which could lead to higher conversion rates.

2. Products

Promote best-sellers
Do you have any best-sellers that continually perform well throughout the year? Make a special promotion presenting them as an "often bought by others" or apply a discount on those products. If they sell well during the year, they will probably also perform well over Christmas.

Modify product descriptions
Add value to your products with holiday-specific pictures or modified product descriptions. Add for example "Perfect for Christmas" or "the perfect Christmas present" etc. so your products appear on the search terms "Christmas" or "present".

Prepare for potential stock shortages! Get an alert before your stock falls to zero. By increasing your minimum stock level, you will be able to process your orders without stress or stock shortages. Exclude products which are out of stock to make sure that only available items are shown. You can update your data several times a day on those marketplaces to ensure that your products are shown with up-to-date information on price comparison sites, display ads or others. Another way to encourage customers to finalize their purchases is to post how much stock you have left.

3. Increase traffic

Rethink your advertising strategy
lure more visitors to your e-commerce platform with the help of Google AdWords or remarketing to reach a higher conversion rate. With Channable you are able to optimize your product feeds and even feed based text within minutes.

Place your products on price comparison sites
Consumers will compare your prices on the internet. So make sure to be found on any price-comparison site that is relevant for your business.

Consider selling on marketplaces
Have you just started a web store and people don't know about you yet? Then consider selling your products on online marketplaces. Each month, there are millions of unique visitors on Amazon, Cdiscount or eBay (you can find more marketplaces here). Take advantage of their name, amount of visitors and customers to sell more!

4. Deliveries

Communicate delivery times
Have you ever been desperate for your package to arrive on time? Then you know how crucial it is to communicate the exact delivery time. Check the delivery deadlines with your couriers prior to guaranteeing delivery before Christmas to your customers. Communicate all the delivery times, even if they are after Christmas day.

Free delivery and packaging service
Free delivery is one of the top reasons to buy online and spend more money (as shoppers are saving on delivery costs). Also, make your customers happy by offering free gift wrapping, for example for Amazon you can easily share this information in Channable’s attribute builder. Regular shoppers will appreciate the service. Don't forget to buy enough wrapping paper and scotch tape!

Return policy
Offer free returns and a longer return period than usual. No need to stress people out during their Christmas break to return unwanted presents. Give them at least 30 days to return their unwanted gifts.

So, are you ready for this year's holiday shopping? If you need help on optimizing your product feeds, setting up your marketplaces or feed based text ads, let us know. We will support you by setting up your first product feed in our feed management tool. Test it now for free and ask for a demo from one of our experts. Happy Christmas selling everybody!

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