Channable’s new group rules

September 3, 2018


Previously, implementing rules for grouped items included a lengthy process of creating lists, splitting lists and potentially many other steps (congrats to you if you did them all). But now you can cut out all the middle-men rules by using the rule “calculate item group”.

Channable’s new group rules

Channable’s rules are the (not so) secret behind being able to optimize and modify data to perfection. You may already be familiar with the group items rule, which is used to merge multiple items together under one item if there are variants i.e. of size or color. There is also the deduplicate items rule, which can be used to keep the item with the lowest variable of a group e.g. the item with the lowest price. To further improve what you can do with grouped items, Channable’s special “Calculate item group” rules have been introduced.


With the rules it is now easier and faster to:

  • Get an overview of how many items are in an existing (or newly created custom) group.

  • Find the total sum of a variable for all the items that are in the group. For example, the total sum of stock for all the items in a group.

  • Easily find the lowest value in a group, which makes advertising on the lowest price easier

  • Find the highest value of the group, which can be useful for communicating the highest discount

For a full overview of how to implement these rules, and for more examples, consult our help centre article.

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Ilse GoedmanCustomer Journey Manager

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