How you can get the most out of Black Friday & Cyber Monday

May 19, 2021

You always want to sell, but over the holiday season, you’ll want to sell HARD. That means standing out in a sea of discounts, free deliveries, and mountains of products. But how do you get seen and how do you deliver the perfect customer journey? With our tips, you’ll be well prepared for the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season.

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How you can get the most out of Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The first Black Friday was in 1951, the first Cyber Monday in 2005. While these days were mainly a US phenomena for a long time, in the last couple of years Europe also joined the hunt for perfect deals. In 2017, 91% of UK retailers offered Black Friday deals (as opposed to 81% in the US). In the EU, customers spent 508 percent more on Black Friday than they did on an average Friday. Revenues are increasing every year, so it’s the perfect time to join the bustle! With our 6 tips, you won’t miss out on the hordes of customers.

Get started

Everything starts with a plan. Think about what your marketing budget is, what your discount will be, which products are relevant for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and where you want to sell or promote: marketplaces, comparison websites, affiliate networks, social advertising, etc.

Be seen where it’s relevant

To reach as many potential customers as possible, you’ll want to be seen. This might already be a challenge on normal days, but for the kickoff of the holiday sales you'll be in need of additional exposure. Channable’s got your back! Decide which platforms are relevant for your business and get there with Channable. Easily send your product feed in to more than 2500 marketplaces, price comparison websites and affiliate platforms. One of the advantages of using a feed management tool for increasing exposure is that your product data (prices, stock, etc) on platforms are synchronized with your website. Pretty relevant during a period where you offer sale prices and stock level might vary, right?

Filter & optimize your products

Depending on the platform, you have to decide if you really want to advertise all products - or only the ones that are on sale, top sellers or premium products. You could filter products and only send e.g. products over €50 to Amazon. Or, how about automatically adding the word ‘SALE’ to every title, or adding the original price into the description? That’s all possible without hassle. Learnhow to optimize your product feed before exporting it! Don’t forget to exclude items that are out of stock.

Advertise anywhere

In addition to the people who are already browsing price comparison websites or marketplaces, you might want to reach the shoppers who haven’t decided yet and surprise them with your Black Friday deal. Think: Facebook Ads, Google or Bing Text Ads, Google Shopping or display ads through affiliates. How do you use them without spending days creating campaigns? Easy, with Channable you can adjust your product feed to the needs of the export platform, even set up entire search campaigns, ad groups and ads with a few clicks.

Show what you’ve got

It’s important to display the most recent stock level so that customers don’t try to order products that might be sold out. Many export platforms fetch product information once a day, even Channable does by default. That means that your stock level on export platforms can be a day old. To always have the latest stock information, Channable offers extra runs. This way your product information gets updated up to 24 times per day. Therefore, customers won’t leave your site disappointed after they realize that your product is sold out. Check out Channable’s holiday promotion for extra runs! Note: Make sure the export platform allows multiple updates a day if you want to benefit from the extra runs.

Sell fast, send fast - The aftermath

Congrats, you’ve made it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you’ve sold more than you expected! That’s awesome. The money has been made, now you have to please your customers by sending them their new goods as fast as possible. With Channable’s order connections, all your orders from various marketplaces can be imported automatically into your shop system . No more copy-pasting addresses, or manually updating stock numbers. A direct API-connection between your online store and the marketplace syncs everything automatically. At the time of writing, Channable supports order connections with Magento, Lightspeed, WooCommerce, Divide, Prestashop and Shopify shops. If you are not using any of the mentioned shop systems, you can connect your shopsystem to the Channable API. Read more about order connections.

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