Send new products to Fnac with Channable’s Fnac Products API

May 19, 2021

Channable has long supported sending products to Fnac. However, these products would’ve had to be known in the Fnac database. Sending any new/unknown products would result in an error. Good news! This error is now part of the past. Channable can also help you send new products to Fnac. The Fnac Products API has been specifically made for sending new/unknown EANs to the popular French marketplace.


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Send new products to Fnac with Channable’s Fnac Products API

Why is there a new Fnac API?

The Fnac Products API is the new API and it allows you to send unknown products (EAN and other important information) to Fnac. No more “product not found” errors! It only needs to be used once so that Fnac can add the product to its database. Fnac will receive and upload the item(s) and all its accompanying information into the Fnac system.

The other Fnac API (the one that has been in Channable a long time) has been renamed Fnac Offers API. It is used for creating, updating or deleting product listings/offers on Fnac. You can optimize product information, control flow, sync stock levels and provide Fnac with all the vital information they need in order to sell your products e.g. shipping costs. If you wish to use Channable’s order connection for Fnac, a feature that synchronizes order information from Fnac to your online shop, then a Fnac Offers API is necessary.

How do I do it?

You will first need to create a Mirakl account. You can then create the new Fnac Products API in Channable and complete the attribute builder stage with all the required attributes. Then you just have to click “Run now” in the API overview and Channable will send the new products and their information (EANs, title etc.) to Fnac.

Once this has happened, the Fnac Products API can be paused. Simply because the new products will be in the system. There is no need to send them again and it will help keep the Channable tool running smoothly.

You will then need to create a Fnac Offers API to control and modify the products offers you want on Fnac.

More information?

For a more visual and detailed guide on how to use the new Fnac Products API, check out the help center article we’ve written. There is also a help center article for creating product listings for Fnac.

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