How can you improve your use of Search Ads 360? - TUI & Channable

May 19, 2021

The Google Marketing Platform’s Search Ads 360 (SA360) product is a life-saver for advertisers with a large inventory wanting to advertise on search engines on a large scale. This is because of its advanced features and centralized system. Nevertheless, there’s always room for improvement. The travel company TUI identifies how it further optimized its efficiency and forecasting possibilities in Search Ads 360 with Channable.


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How can you improve your use of Search Ads 360? - TUI & Channable

Google Search Ads 360 (SA360) is the part of the Google Marketing Platform that enables advertisers to plan, measure, bid, and manage search ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo Japan, and Baidu. As it is part of the Google Marketing Platform, users can easily jump to and integrate data from other products in the Google Marketing Platform such as Analytics 360, Display & Video 360, or Optimize 360. SA360 makes it more efficient to manage PPC in one place, as well as with a familiar interface.

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What makes SA360 different?

Advertisers with a significantly bigger budget and larger, dynamic inventory benefit most from SA360’s offering. This is because, in addition to managing ad campaigns for many search engines (multi-platform management), there are a few notable features that make SA360 appealing:

  • ADVANCED BID STRATEGIES The bid strategy options in SA360 are more advanced and intricate for a more effective ad campaign. Auto bidding is powered by Google’s machine learning technology. There are various options for bid strategies including revenue and conversion options. SA360 also integrates with conversion tracking analytics, which can be used in building a bid strategy. Furthermore, there are advanced targeting options and even formulas to make a customizable bid strategy. In addition, as SA360 is multi-platform, your bids can be unified across all search engines.

  • INVENTORY MANAGEMENT With inventory management, advertisers are able to distribute ads on an individual inventory level (e.g. per SKU) in inventory campaigns.

What are inventory campaigns? Search Ads 360’s inventory campaigns are similar to traditional ad campaigns, but they automatically change when your product inventory changes.

To get started with inventory campaigns, you need to supply Google with your inventory. Your inventory needs to be supplied in a feed that meets the standards of Google. BEWARE, often, your feed is not in the right format to be correctly uploaded into Google so using a data feed management tool like Channable is recommended to improve your setup experience.

Improving SA360 with Channable

Channable client TUI has had plenty of experience with using Channable to make the most out of SA360’s inventory campaigns. TUI began using SA360 because it could help centralize the whole TUI group’s PPC in one platform. “We use Search Ads 360 in order to be able to advertise all our stock. All our keywords, all our combinations, all our hotels, all our destinations, all that is done in a dynamic way.”

However, the team discovered it had the issue of having non-complementary feeds. Whilst it is possible to manage modifications in SA360, TUI found the SA360 interface and setup was far from ideal. “That’s where Channable came in place because we’re way more flexible doing it, it’s faster, and the UX is way better.” Once TUI was able to build the perfect feed in Channable, it was simply a matter of connecting the feeds in SA360 and then deciding what to send out and where to advertise.

In addition to using Channable to meet SA360’s feed standards, TUI improved their use of SA360 because it is easier to manage what inventory is sent to SA360. “Why should we advertise a certain town on Crete if we only have 5 departure dates available to that specific destination? From a PPC perspective, if you know that something is most likely to occur, you can put it in the feed.” Without Channable, TUI would only be able to react after a sales opportunity ends e.g. stop advertising a flight with only a few seats left.

Getting started

To use SA360, you will need to contact Google’s sales team. Once you have access, Channable can help you get started with SA360 faster and save you time. TUI has also seen improvement in expenditures by using Channable with SA360. Channable has attributed to a huge number of savings in terms of conversion expense. Sign up to Channable today to begin building the perfect feed for SA360.

If you only like the sound of SA360’s inventory management feature and only want to focus on Google Ads and/or Microsoft advertising or have a lower budget, try Channable’s PPC tool. With Channable’s PPC tool, you can build campaigns, ad groups, and ad copy with your inventory values. Unlike Google’s custom pricing, Channable’s PPC tool starts from €99 a month. Contact the team for a free demo and exclusive access.

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