Amazon is coming to Sweden: Are you prepared?

June 7, 2021

2020 has been an eventful year; for better and for worse. One of the more exciting and positive pieces of news this year is that Amazon is coming to the Nordics. More accurately, coming to Sweden. That being said, Amazon is still yet to confirm an official launch date. But having already released the Seller Central Sweden we expect it to be only a matter of time.


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Amazon is coming to Sweden: Are you prepared?

UPDATE: is now live! To set you off for a great start, we have summarized the key benefits and how you can prepare for this exciting launch.

Start setting up your product listings now

With the news thatAmazonhas already released the Seller Central Sweden, you can already start preparing your product listings today. At Channable we are pleased to announce that we have finalized a real-time API connection that enables you to create and push your product listings directly to Amazon.

By utilizing the API connection through Channable, it doesn’t only enable you to push the products. It also enables your product data and stock information to be automatically and instantly updated as soon as a product gets sold either via the Amazon marketplace or via your own webshop.

Amazon Sweden Channable

Seize the opportunity by setting up product listings now. This will give your business a great start.

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Use rules to enrich your listings and filter out products

Setting up product listings manually on Amazon can usually take up quite a bit of time. Especially if your webshop has a large offering/inventory. By utilizing the integrated API from Channable you can automate a large part of this process to significantly decrease the time spent on creating product listings.For instance, take advantage of the built-in attribute builder to easily meet attribute requirements. Or, utilize the many powerful rules that can help enrich your listings as well as filter out products you don't want to list.

Amazon Sweden Rules

By using rules to automate the creation of product listings, you do not only reduce the time spent but also gain greater control of the flow of products you send to Amazon Sweden. As soon as you set up a rule, the integration will give you immediate feedback which will maximize the impact of your listings as well as minimizing the eventual cost.

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Handle all orders directly in your own webshop

Selling products on Amazon usually means you need to handle all orders from the marketplace itself. However, what if we told you that it does not have to be this way? What if we told you that with Channable, we retrieve all your orders and send them directly to your own platform/webshop allowing you to handle everything from there?

By adding an order connection to your Amazon Sweden API, your orders will be synchronized to your online shop, meaning you can finally say goodbye to copy-pasting and hello to automatically received order information. Utilizing the option to add an order connection will not only free up time spent on order management but will also help increase the overall efficiency regarding your Amazon efforts.

“We could say that now we don't have to take care of order management. Channable takes care of this task automatically. We only have to take care of our customers and prepare the picking of the order. Channable is also in charge of the tracking, which is more and more important to Amazon”

From Wapalli use-case

Why list your products on Amazon Sweden?

Are you new to selling products on Amazon? And, with all the buzz around Amazon Sweden, are you thinking about trying it out? If so, then you are definitely not the only one. Try reading the stats in the illustration further below. Selling products on marketplaces such as Amazon can not only create more visibility for your products, it might also open up a whole new revenue stream for your business. However, before making any quick decisions, it might be a good idea to evaluate your marketplace strategy .

On a global scale, Amazon has about 2.3 million active sellers worldwide on its platforms combined. Obviously the American version is still the most popular with more than 461.000 active sellers, but the French and Italian versions are not far behind with 234.000 and 227.000 active sellers.

At first, this landscape might seem pretty competitive. But as Amazon is continually creating features to optimize the distribution of revenue between sellers, it might be a good idea to consider joining the movement.

What could also be relevant to take into account is the fact that when Amazon enters a new market, many consumers will quickly swarm to the marketplace and create a revolution in the product searches. Usually, when consumers have easy access to Amazon, you will often see them using Amazon as their first touchpoint to discover and potentially make a purchase.

Furthermore, by looking at some of the numbers concerning the launch of Amazon Netherlands, which happened earlier this year, it is quite interesting to see that it is not only consumers who swarm to the marketplace. In fact, since the launch of the Dutch marketplace, Amazon has reported an increase of 87.422 active sellers making it the fastest-growing department relative to its marketplace size.

With all this being said and as a last remark, keep in mind that the consumer is always right. Being present in the channels where your consumers are can be crucial for the success of your business. If Amazon Sweden experience the same growth rates as some of its former market launches, it might be a good reason to look into the possibility to list your products here.

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