The Black Friday 2021 Forecast

September 21, 2023

Black Friday 2020… that was an odd one. High streets were closed which meant the focus for retailers shifted to online. In last year’s Black Friday forecast, we explained that the pandemic meant a strong eCommerce presence was the only way to have a successful Black Friday. Businesses with a watertight eCommerce strategy prospered in terms of sales and ROI and best navigated the increased volume on demand and competition online. This year, things are looking a little same-same but different. We've broken it all down for you in Channable's Black Friday 2021 forecast.

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The Black Friday 2021 Forecast

A brief look at Black Friday 2020 in numbers

What better place to start than the birthplace of Black Friday?

According to Adobe Analytics, in the US, Black Friday 2020 day-one online sales surged by almost 22% compared to 2019 reaching $9 billion. This exceeded the 20% increase prediction made by Adobe Analytics in early 2019 indicating that the pandemic had a huge impact in the US.

If we zoom out and look at Black Friday 2020 with a wider lens, global digital sales grew by 36%. This equates to a record $270 billion during the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Tell me those numbers aren’t crazy!

What’s in store for Black Friday 2021?

That you’ll find in the Black Friday 2021 forecast!

Hundreds of eCommerce businesses like yours downloaded Channable’s Black Friday 2020 forecast. We received some really positive feedback and a few pointers for how to improve the forecast, so we’ve made it even better this year. The Black Friday 2021 forecast will help you prepare for the challenges facing your business. You’ll find useful insights, tips, and predicted trends that you can use to enrich your Black Friday marketing strategy.

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