Survival of the fastest: the importance of facing speed to market head on [whitepaper]

June 02, 2020

UK PIM system Retail Assist joined forces with Channable to create this in-depth research and guide on the need for speed - to market.

Survival of the fastest: the importance of facing speed to market head on [whitepaper]

For this whitepaper, feed management tool Channable is joining forces with Retail Assist on a project to arm you with the best eCommerce knowledge. With key sector stats, industry insider tips, as well as an eCommerce overview, this whitepaper is here to help your retail business improve its speed to market – and to increase your chances of success in the ever-changing retail landscape.

Discover more about the importance of speed to market with the following sections:

  • A brief history of eCommerce trends
    • Facts and figures of the history of eCommerce and where it is today
  • The future is fast-paced
    • Insights from Channable + retail Assist’s survey for retailers on market expectations and issues.
    • What internet giants Amazon and Google are introducing to shape the future of retail
  • The importance of speed to market
    • Working examples of industry successes and failures
  • How to keep on top
    • Tools and tips on staying ahead

    Check out OMIO’s PIM system to get your data ready for feed management and read up on how PIM systems and data feed management tools can work in harmony. If you’re after more guides on speeding up your time to market, brush up on all the Google products you can utilize to increase your exposure online or 4 ways to improve your quality score.

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Senni Whitaker
Marketing UK

Senni is responsible for the UK marketing at Channable. In her role she
writes a lot of content in the field of e-commerce and online marketing.