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Sportnet: Optimising ADV Conversion Rate Through Feed Management

December 19, 2023

Sportnet is a sporting goods eCommerce business that stands out for its highly specialized sales service. It offers a vast catalog of technical products for Volleyball, Padel, Ski and Snowboard, Running, Tennis, Football, and much more. It is present in Italy with 7 physical stores in Campania and Abruzzo.

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Sportnet: Optimising ADV Conversion Rate Through Feed Management

Sportnet's goal was to boost eCommerce sales while optimizing margins. To realize this objective in their digital advertising strategy, Studio Cappello, a WMR Group company, utilized Channable's Feed Management and Insights & Analytics functionalities to optimize the paid ads.

The complexity of the project was due to the multiple product categories, each with different optimization needs, and the variety of active paid channels, including: Google Ads, Meta Ads, comparison, and affiliation channels.

How Studio Cappello leveraged Channable to improve conversion rate

After an initial analysis of their product import data, connected to their integration with Magento, several optimizations were identified.

The following sections highlight some of them.

Data Enrichment of product attributes belonging to the same Item Group

Sportnet's product import consisted of parent products, which did not contain basic information such as stock and sizes, and child products, which contained the information on the reference size variant.

Thanks to the rules based on the 'item_group_id' field, it was possible to calculate the total stock and the number of available sizes per product in real-time.

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From this data, exclusion rules were then applied, based on stock availability and size.

Data Enrichment for deeper analysis in Google Analytics

Price comparison channels are imperative for engaging users who have a high intent to buy, on the other hand, popular products can drive a lot of traffic but few conversions.

To optimize the ad spend of these channels and increase the conversion rate, tracking parameters were added with a Channable rule.

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The advantage of this functionality is the fact that these tracking parameters can be dynamically enhanced by exploiting product attributes: thanks to this strategy, it was possible to deepen the analytic detail and thus define the product categories worth targeting for each product.

The Insights & Analytics module then made it possible to exclude underperforming products in real time based on revenue and sessions generated.

The results of automation

Channable supported Sportnet and marketing agency Studio Cappello in managing the complexity of channels and product categories, providing a set of tools to proceed independently with feed optimization.

The most outstanding results were recorded in eCommerce performance in the 6 months following the activation of the tool: compared to the previous 6 months, with an investment of -10%, transactions increased by +46%.

Considering that the pre-activation period includes Black Friday, this performance can be considered even higher. In support of this result, it is necessary to point out that the conversion rate of digital advertising channels increased by + 44% when the eCommerce average recorded + 28%.

The recipe for this successful strategy

The first key aspect for success was the strong collaboration that was established between Sportnet and Studio Cappello.

In fact, the company made available key data to reach their targets, such as margins and availability per product.

Studio Cappello, also used all the power and knowledge under their control to achieve the goal.
Finally, the most important choice was the identification of a solution capable of guaranteeing autonomy and proper data integration, i.e. Channable, which by supporting Studio Cappello made it possible to achieve the set objectives, exceeding results set by both parties.

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