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OTTO on how to manage your big data feeds with Channable

November 16, 2017

With over 180,000 articles in various categories, such as fashion, living and multimedia, OTTO is one of the largest web stores worldwide. Therefore, it is important for OTTO to work with a feed management tool that enables adjustments to be quickly made in addition to offering as many platforms as possible for their products to be sent to. It only took a casual chat between the two companies before the collaboration between OTTO and Channable began.

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OTTO on how to manage your big data feeds with Channable

The tool is flexible and offers many more options for optimization than our old tool. In addition, Channable is a very pleasant party to work with.

Big challenge

Before working with Channable, OTTO used another feed management tool, but it did not meet their requirements and wishes: 'Our biggest challenge is our extensive import feed. We weren’t able to do anything ourselves, and had to send a request to their support team for any changes', says Linda Mels, Performance Marketing Team Manager at OTTO. 'It would take a long time to make changes, and their functionalities were also very limited'.

Therefore, OTTO was urgently looking for a new feed management tool. After initial contact via LinkedIn, Channable visited OTTO for a introductory conversation. 'All the colleagues involved were positive right away and this motivated us to start working with Channable', Linda says.

New features

As OTTO’s import feed is incredibly large, and was of a lesser quality, it was necessary for some quite advanced settings during the setup. 'Together with Rob van Nuenen (Channable's CEO) we have reconstructed all the feeds from the old tool and optimized where necessary. During the setup of the feeds, we were regularly in contact with Rob, and he could answer any questions we had and solved all problems we encountered', says Linda. 'We were very pleased with the fact that Channable was willing to build additional features for us (and ultimately for other customers). This made Channable a very extensive and flexible tool.’

OTTO uses Channable without the use of an agency. Linda: 'The knowledge of feed management within OTTO is fairly high, so at this moment we only contact Channable's support team about more advanced issues'.


The collaboration with Channable has had a positive effect on the OTTO's results, mainly because the tool offers many possibilities to optimize the data feeds. Linda explains that 'the tool is completely transparent and we can do (almost) everything ourselves. Also, a number of useful rules are possible, such as the exclusion of articles that are almost sold out or unprofitable. In addition, the rules make sure that we can be flexible and can remain active during weekends and holidays. Due to the possibility of improving the data quality, our output has improved a lot.'

Channable develops its tool based on feedback from customers; suggestions or wishes for new features are in most cases implemented in the tool. At OTTO, they also have a number of things that they would like to see. 'A big wish from our side is adding alerts if the feed has not run or if the numbers in the (export) feeds deviates too much. In addition, it would also be nice if we can see whether the export feeds are retrieved by the export channels, and at what time.’ But overall, Linda is very happy with the decision to switch to Channable: ‘The tool is flexible, and offers many more options for optimization than our old tool. This has certainly contributed to our growth and a better ROI. In addition, Channable is a very pleasant party to work with.'

Lisa van GinkelMarketing Benelux

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