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How automation has helped Wink TTD become more efficient in managing Lidl's PPC ad campaigns

May 28, 2020

The success of companies depends on saving time and money in routine tasks. PPC automation achieves the highest possible efficiency in managing PPC campaigns. Wink TTD, a digital agency in Spain, explains how Channable's PPC tool has helped them in managing Lidl's PPC campaigns.


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How automation has helped Wink TTD become more efficient in managing Lidl's PPC ad campaigns

Wink TTD is a well established digital agency in the Spanish market with many awards and recognitions. It has offices in Madrid and Barcelona and its main focus is to offer advanced communication solutions to help solve business problems for its clients through digitization, the use of data, technology, and content. One of its clients is Lidl, a supermarket with 600 stores in Spain and present in 30 countries, Lidl expanded into eCommerce with its product bazaar, launched in 2018. At Wink TTD they have been working with Channable for many of their main clients that require high levels of personalization and efficiency in their digital campaigns. They decided to use Channable to manage Lidl's PPC campaigns.

No automation results in manual changes and less flexibility

Lidl launches new offers and products every week, in addition to large seasonal campaigns such as Christmas and summer. Before switching to automation it was necessary to spend a lot of time each week creating PPC campaigns, to give the best coverage for these offers/products and try to be as relevant as possible. Before starting to with Channable the process was quite manual. According to Marion, SEA Director at Wink TTD:

The time dedicated for creating weekly campaigns was very high. We also needed to consider the margin of human error. We worked the new campaigns in an Excel template with formulas to automate in the best possible way the ad texts and the keywords. However, the texts did not coincide 100% with the user's search and did not have as many dynamic elements as we wanted. We needed a powerful solution to automate this process.

With Channable, automation improves efficiency

Wink needed a solution that would allow them to achieve the following goals:


Thanks to the Channable PPC tool they have managed to realize these results. Features like master rules, text templates, and the ability to automatically update ad copy have contributed to greater efficiency in managing Lidl PPC campaigns. Here we tell you how:

1. Master rules. Perfect for structuring and optimizing the catalog information

Channable's PPC tool uses the product data feed to configure campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords. Meaning, to generate quality campaigns and ads, it is necessary to have a well-structured and optimized data feed. Thanks to Channable's master rules, Wink easily structures and optimizes the entire catalog and then creates PPC campaigns for each of the product categories. Marina, Digital Media eCommerce in Lidl comments:

With Channable we have transformed our feed quickly by creating multiple fields that have helped us when structuring campaigns, using for example the product category. Thanks to Channable's rules we have been able to build a solid structure not only for PPC but also in many other channels creating feeds with specific needs for each of them.

Sometimes there are changes in the online shop or in the product categories that require adapting the master rules within Channable, but according to Lucía, SEM Senior at Wink TTD: “Once the master rules are created, all campaigns and ads generators that depend on those master rules are automatically updated. That is why the master rules are so useful because they offer agility when applying changes.” This responsiveness in applying changes saves time in the process. Thus, the time Wink saves is spent on analyzing and continuously optimizing Lidl campaigns.

2. Ad templates. Perfect for generating hundreds of ads and easily adapting campaigns

Channable has expanded ads templates for Google Ads search ads and also Microsoft Advertising. These templates allow users to easily configure search ad copies by combining static text with dynamic feed fields. As a result, hundreds of ads can be generated using a single template. This is a perfect solution for brands, that like Lidl, launch new campaigns and ads on a regular basis. Lucia says:

Thanks to Channable PPC tool it is very easy to create unique ads for special campaigns. Without these templates, making special updated Long Tail ads for unique campaigns would be much more complex. Before, unique campaigns were created manually. Today all we have to do is create another campaign with a different ad generator within Channable, we filter the products we are interested in advertising and we automate the configuration using the templates.

These templates offer the flexibility needed to quickly adapt the text ads to specific seasonal campaigns or new product categories. This is the case of the summer campaign, where special products are promoted for that season. Within the ad template, they have combined the product title together with dynamic feed fields such as prices. The price is a dynamic value, so the price of the ad will be updated as soon as this value changes in the feed. This way Wink TTD has been able to create Long Tail ads for each of the products without investing a lot of time.

As a result, we now have many more active ads. Thanks to the automation of Channable we can create specific promotion ads and personalize them for each product, helping us to adjust the message and improving both visibility and conversions, says Lucia.

3. Automatically updated. Perfect for displaying relevant ads

As we mentioned before, Lidl regularly includes new products or product categories in its catalog. In addition, there are also frequent changes in the information of the products, changing prices, and stocks. These changes have to be reflected in the search ads. In order to do this automatically, Channable crawls the Lidl catalog once every hour. In this way, every time there is a change in the feed, that information will also be modified in the PPC ads. This improves the user experience by covering products in real-time with stock updated every hour. Thanks to the versatility, agility, and efficiency provided by Channable, Wink TTD has been able to save time and money in the creation of Lidl's PPC campaigns. Now the time saved is invested in improving campaigns, trying to increase their performance day by day thanks to the continuous analysis of the results and automation.

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