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Flinders flourishing the performance of its marketing spend by 19%

May 4, 2020

Flinders, a Dutch home decor brand with more than 36,000 interior design products, distinguishes itself with a first-class service and in-store experience. But how do you, as a company, focus on a good customer experience and a flawless customer journey, when creating and maintaining search ads already takes up too much time? Oscar Diele, COO at Flinders, has just the answer.

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Flinders flourishing the performance of its marketing spend by 19%

Flinders' mission is to make interior dreams come true. It distinguishes itself as a specialist, by inspiring, advising, and offering a helping hand to customers. However, chasing dreams is not an easy nor fast journey. Oscar explains that "with an extensive range and online shops in two countries, it takes a lot of time to create and maintain online advertisements. In addition, we wanted to be able to steer and streamline the sales process on platforms such as and Amazon.”

Functionality, user-friendliness, and account management

Merkle, the online marketing agency that Flinders works with, introduced the team to Channable. "The references and recommendations of other entrepreneurs convinced us. We heavily depended on our own development team to create and maintain product feeds. In Channable, we have found a user-friendly tool that helps with the efficiency and scalability of our PPC activities and order connections to external platforms. "

"We chose Channable over alternatives because Channable excels in functionality, user-friendliness, and account management.

This also becomes clearer when Oscar explains the setup of Flinders account in Channable. "Together with our, then, small team of an online marketer and a developer, we started working on a connection between Channable and our eCommerce platform Magento to import product data. We then activated order connections to receive orders from external platforms such as Amazon and During the implementation we have had frequent contact with an account manager who also helped when visiting our office."

Dozens of custom CSVs

In Flinders' Channable account, there is an unique PPC set up. There are dozens of custom CSVs, which mainly include "SEA" (PPC) in the title, as well as, a lot of Google Ads campaigns generated by the Channable PPC tool.

"Custom CSVs allow us to send temporary promotions to Google Ads. We use the Google countdown function to display temporary promotions and offers. We also retrieve the turnover data from Google Analytics and sync it to Channable, so that we can easily analyze performance data to modify the promotions with rules. With custom CSVs, we optimize ads by, for example, customizing brand names and excluding generic words".

Curious about how you can download custom CSVs completely optimized by you, just like Flinders? Check out the instruction video:


At the moment, most traffic to Flinders website comes through Google Search and Google Shopping. It currently runs over 100,000 ads that are continuously optimized and updated where necessary using Channable. Flinders optimizes its campaigns to get the best ROAS.

"By using Channable, the performance of our marketing spend has increased by 19%. We have also relieved the development team of modifying feeds to focus on the more impactful jobs," Oscar says. "We are no longer dependent on them and that means we can work faster. Feeds are now fully managed by the marketing team, which has led to greater efficiency in feed creation and maintenance. This also has benefits on the online marketers’ job satisfaction! For us, the connection to Google Ads for generating creative ads yourself is Channable’s coolest feature.”

Do you also want to get started with Channable and easily adjust your data from different file types to a custom CSV file? Or are you curious about the possibilities of Channable's PPC tool with which you can advertise dynamically on Google Ads, just like Flinders? Contact us or get started yourself, and create a Channable account today.

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