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eCommerce Marketplaces

eCommerce Marketplaces

eCommerce order connections allow you to sync orders from various marketplaces directly to your eCommerce platform. With stock level synchronization built in, the only job left is to select a marketplace and wait for the orders to come in. Order imports are compatible with numerous 3rd party platforms, including Magento, Lightspeed and WooCommerce. Channable offers deep integration with marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount, and Marktplaats.

Integrate your own eCommerce platform

Integrating your own eCommerce platform provides for an easy way to import your products to our platform and enables automatic order connections. Once your data is optimized and marketplaces selected within Channable all orders can be managed from your eCommerce platform. It’s a great way to sell on numerous marketplaces without the inconvenience of manually tracking orders.

Receive orders from all marketplaces

If you are using Magento, Lightspeed, Divide, Prestashop or WooCommerce all your orders can be directly integrated to your platform’s interface. When an order is placed on a selected marketplace, we automatically sync the order with your eCommerce platform. Additionally, if an order is canceled we automatically update the order status on the marketplace.

Powerful rule based actions to filter products

Use our rule based actions to precisely control the flow of products to each channel. After each action is performed you will receive immediate feedback which will maximize the impact of your ads while minimizing the cost. Select exactly which products are exported to each marketplace and optimize your product feed performance for optimal results.

Direct feedback

When creating your products ads for the various marketplaces you will receive direct feedback which can be used to optimize the effectiveness of your ads. Make precise changes in your data to increase visibility and consequently sales.
Feed Management Tool

Attribute builder

Our attribute builder is a convenient feature that provides you with a clear overview of the attributes expected by each marketplace for every product category. This feature is extremely useful for merchants providing a variety of different products. The attribute builder will ensure that your products are perfectly optimized and delivered to the preferences of each marketplace.

Filter your products

Channable provides you with powerful rule based actions with which you can filter your products on numerous criteria. Using a product feed manager to filter your products can significantly increase effectiveness and efficiency of your product ads for each marketplace.

Hundreds of channels worldwide

With Channable you can export your products to hundreds of comparison sites, affiliates and marketplaces worldwide. If we do not yet have your marketplace of choice, just let us know!

Performance based optimization

eCommerce Analytics provide you with the data needed to effectively optimize your product feed. Link you Google Analytics to Channable and view your product data in our interface. Gather data and optimize your eCommerce performance all in one place.

Scheduled data update every day

Updating your product information daily assures that your product data is up to date and accurate for your offerings. Channable automatically updates your product feed every day at a time suitable for you. In addition to the daily updates, stock level synchronizations are made instantly ensuring that you will stay on top of all your orders.

Dashboard overview

A simple and tastefully designed dashboard displays the most vital data for your operations. View your imported products, export channels, analytics data and eCommerce order tracking.

Free support

We believe in assisting our clients in every step of the way. Our trained experts are here to answer all your questions free of charge. If you are having difficulties integrating your web store or order handling with Channable, just contact us.

Meet the people who use Channable every day

"All orders from the various channels are directly visible in our webshops backend! Super feed tool with a nice GUI!"

Vincent van den Heuvel
eCommerce Manager @ Geeektech

"For the fashion industry, where turnover rates are high, the order tracking is a great solution. It reduces manual processing."

Jeffrey van de Meerendonk
Paid Traffic Specialist @ A2Concepts

"By using the Channable order tracking we now have a direct connection with our stock and the various shipping options. No more manual operations!"

Werner Lindeboom
Ecommerce Manager @ Doppio Espresso

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